The Left Media is Foaming at the Mouth.

They are acting like rabid animals ready to impeach Trump.  For what?  Because Cohen admitted guilt to a crime that isn’t a crime? Because Manafort didn’t pay taxes ten years ago? Or falsified bank loan applications?  Have they checked the Clinton’s loan applications? Remember they were dead broke when leaving the White House.  They must have falsified information on some loans for Chelsey’s college tuition.  And then the pay to play Uranium One scandal that no one checks in to. What about Mueller?  I hear Mueller was awarding Comey “sweetheart deals” while he was head of the FBI and Comey was in private practice as a lawyer and vice versus.  They are quite the duplicitous team.  Almost like revolving doors.

We have a two tiered justice system: one for Democrats and another for Republicans. Again they are grabbing at straws hoping something, anything, will bring our president down. It is becoming increasing evident that the left media has lost their collective minds.  They don’t understand the law or the constitution.  They are living off fumes of talking points from crazies like that porn star’s lawyer, Hillary’s lawyer (Lanny Davis), and Brennan–all slimebags.   Good luck with that.

But they ignore the fact that a nice college girl got whacked by an illegal Mexican while running in Iowa and buried in a corn field.  One newsperson actually said, “Oh that girl that Fox News keeps talking about?”  How stupid are these people?  What planet do I live on?  The planet of the insensitive and uncaring?  The planet of the irrational?  I don’t know who these news people are. I don’t recognize them.  They don’t investigate the biggest conspiracy in my lifetime yet are going after Trump, for what?  Paying hush money to a couple of gold diggers?   I thought it was illegal to extort money from people.  Guess that law has gone by the wayside with commonsense. Let’s go through each and every member of congress to see how many have done this.  In fact congress had a slush fund that paid money out to women who sued for sexual harassment while working under congressmen. Why aren’t they being impeached?  Why single out one man who got the majority of the votes to win the presidency?  Why? Because the Democrats lost power and they want it back at all costs!

So if the Democrats get their way and impeach Trump, he will be replaced by Mike Pence who is even more conservative than Trump.  Is that what they really want?  He will overturn Roe vs Wade, for sure.  Careful what you wish for Dems, Chelsey, and left media.  We’ll have a lot more babies being born and global warming will get even warmer. (Being flippant, of course.) Well, at least Trump has gotten more done in one year and a half than most presidents in two terms. He gets an A+.

Thank you President Trump for all you accomplished while all this nonsense has been going on.  Remarkable. Maybe Mike Pence can continue your good policies for another seven years.  But as I always say, we are BetteroffwithTrump.









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