Are We Playing Dumb When We Ask If The FBI Knew Ohr’s Wife Worked For Fusion GPS?

I’m gettin’ tired as we are gettin’ closer to the election.  Can we just call a spade a spade or is that not politically correct any longer?  Obama, the puppet master, hired Ohr and knew where his wife worked.  Please.  This is the biggest conspiracy in my lifetime but we are all talking on eggshells. I’m sick of it.

The players at the top of the FBI all agreed in the Insurance Plan to take Trump down at all costs–costs to their jobs, costs to their reputations, costs to their families, and costs to their freedom.

It is clear and evident to me what is going on.  Why can’t someone of authority besides Trump DEFEND him and put these felons out of business.  I’m still waiting for the likes of Romney, George Bush, Powell to come out and defend our sitting president.  They are acting like cowards.  I even heard Carter come forward to say he hopes Trump succeeds. Thank you Carter to have some commonsense. I’m sorry McCain passed away but he had the chance too to swallow his pride and admit what is going on.

Now all the characters at ESPN who are picking on Tiger Woods for supporting the sitting president should be fired.  Tiger supported Obama when he was president and lots of people weren’t in favor of his policies.  But we didn’t come out and pick on Tiger for praising the Oval Office. I’ve been watching Tiger for ten years and am happy that he is getting his career back on par.  I wasn’t happy when he was caught red handed with a mistress and was really mad at him, but I have the ability to forgive.  I forgave him about five years ago.  He’s not a bad guy.  Leave him alone and let him have an opinion without being ganged up on by the fake stream media!  You guys are pathetic.  You know nothing about politics and shouldn’t try to mix it with sports. BYW Trump has done more for your profession than any other politician as he has built golf courses all over the world.  How ungrateful can you losers be!?

The Insurance Plan has been exposed and we are all starting to realize it.  The jig is up! Stop trying to play dumb everyone.  Just say it as it is.  If someone wrote a novel representing this conspiracy,  it would be too unbelievable to be accepted by a publishing company.  They’d turn it down for being contrived.  But it’s true.

Please someone of authority come out and tell the media that Trump is okay and was being set up.  Please someone admit it before it’s too late.



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