A Tip to Feminist Protesters: When You Disrupt a Supreme Court Judge Nomination Hearing It Only Hurts Your Cause.

When the public sees these crazed grizzly women screaming in the back of a room full of well-dressed politicians, it makes your movement (whatever it is) worthless as the contrast between you and them is striking.   No one’s going to listen to a shrill Nurse Ratched foaming at the mouth ever–not at home and definitely not in a public forum.  And the guys who screamed looked like henpecked males that were trying to make their bossy wives or mothers happy by appearing.  It was a disgraceful display of disgruntled wimpy Hillary voters. Someone ought to write a booked entitled: The Diary of a Wimpy Hillary Voter. It will be a best seller.

I couldn’t listen to the Democrats spew their garbage on national television again, like they did during the Strzok hearing, so I fast-forwarded through them.  They are just getting on their soap boxes again trying to look tough so they can spur a presidential run someday.  The best speaker was Ted Cruz who calls it as it is: the Dems are unhappy that Hillary lost and elections have consequences.  It’s not about Kavanaugh being unqualified or not getting enough paperwork in on time.  They aren’t going to read it anyway. They never do. They just came to disrupt and resist.  It’s the name of their game. And their game has shame.

I look forward to hearing some intelligent questions from the Right and stupid nonsensical rhetoric from the Left tomorrow.  But I hope the paid orchestrated protesters who couldn’t tell a “D” from an “R” speaker stay home tomorrow.  Waste of humanity and our time.

Or as Lyndsey said:  “If you want to PICK judges, you better win elections like Trump did.” Period!

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