A Day in the Life of the Democrats Lately

The Democrats are making the news lately from inside the White House resistance to releasing a hit piece book to Nike deals to obstructing a judicial hearing and to hiring hecklers. Well done Dems!  You ought to be proud of yourselves.  Desperate much? Oh and today pulling out all the stops bringing Obama out to give a Trump bashing speech.  How tacky of him.

And for Obama to try to take credit for the economy is rich.  Hey Obama, my retirement acccount was flat for eight years while you were in office.  Never went up.  Hung around the same total.  Since Trump won, it is up 41,000.  No thanks to Obama’s policies.

Is this a consorted effort to take down our president, or what? The senators looked petty and angry at Kavanaugh’s hearing.  Especially firebrand Cory Booker and that Hawaiian Senator lady.  She was just plain rude.  I guess when she became senator she lost all her manners.  I couldn’t have sat there taking her snide comments.  I have to give it to Kavanaugh.  He’s has a good temperament and a lot of tolerance to put up with those rude cry babies.

Kavanaugh looked annoyed by them and they’re not doing themselves any favors when he gets on the Supreme Court.  He may just remember a few of them when he’s making a swing vote. And the hecklers they hired to disrupt was outrageous but they got caught as they were being paid while standing in line.  Sick.  Pretty sick.

Now this traitor working in the White House (supposedly) writes like a feminist.  So Trump better be on the lookout for a knit pink hat hanging on a hat rack. Then fire her as-. Or it’s a pencil neck wimp like Strzok out to make a name for himself.

Colin Kaeperwhatever is an example of a man of color raised with a reverse racist upbringing by his white adoptive parents.  They instilled his hate for whites in America, no doubt. They taught him that the rest of America is racist.  Whenever he got a ticket or in trouble in school, his parents no doubt told him it was because he was black.  When my boys got in trouble in school or a ticket, I told them they behaved stupidly.  Sort of like Obama’s grandmother who crossed the street when she saw boys of color coming her way.  These kind of racist actions stick with children and they grow up with an axe to grind. And, boy, oh boy, are they grinding it. They also taught him to distrust the police.  Never good to do.

And lastly my favorite governor to pick on–jealous John Kasich. When he heard about the traitor in the White House, instead of defending Trump (like a normal Republican would do), he agrees with the cowardly writer and calls Trump a “chaos president.”  Now where did we first hear that term?  From good ol’ JEB who said chaos president over and over during one of the debates trying to label Trump.  Well, maybe Kasich and JEB (the establishment) are in cahoots all along and even part of the Insurance Plan.  Why do you think Kasich hung around so long even though he had no electoral votes to speak of?  He was waiting for the Insurance Plan (Russian collusion) to kick in.  But, alas, it didn’t stick and never will.

Now the Dems are so excited by a disloyal employee that they condone this kind of behavior.  But of course the only reason they have boosted this mystery person to their darling of the week is because Trump is Republican.  They would have crucified a mole in Obama’s White House.  And the disreputable New York Times (who has never written a positive story on Trump) is a partner in this shady behavior. Again double standard at play.  Never stops. Put them all on a polygraph to determine who wrote the op-ed. Case close.

Well, time to watch Trump’s rally in Billings where thousands of his supporters know better; and we all know we are betteroffwithTrump.

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