Serena Williams…the New Maxine Waters?

That’s what immediately came to mind when I saw her meltdown on the tennis court at the U.S. Open.  I wondered where her disrespect for officials is coming from?  She looked so mean during her rant with finger-pointing, I thought I had tuned into a BLM protest. Yet she screamed she was a role model for women and her daughter and that she never cheats.  She doesn’t need to cheat because she always wins and expects to win. Really?  Her coach just admitted coaching her from the sidelines.  I guess the rules don’t apply to her either.  Hmm.  Interesting how all the minorities don’t have to follow the rules like Kaeperwhatever, Obama, Lynch, Maxine, Booker, Harris, Holder. Yet they hold the rest of us up to a different standard.

Serena is no role model for women.  If that’s the way women should act, we should just throw in the towel.  We’ll never win at anything and we’ll never become president with that bullying attitude and finger waving.

And the left-wing audience that cheered her on should be ashamed. Obviously a Democratic New York crowd of feminists no doubt.  But to cheer her on and ignore the real winner of the tournament was cruel.  She wasn’t being treated differently than a male player.  And she couldn’t cry racist like they usually do since she was playing a female of color. But she was treated fairly.

If I was running that tournament I would have had security take her off the course and the game called entirely.  She threatened the ref would never be able to referee one of her games again.  That’s an arrogant comment.  She also called him a thief and wanted an apology.  She owes the ref and her opponent an apology but wouldn’t give one during her press conference.  She thinks she’s above everyone else. It’s clear there was more than a tennis fine bothering her.  She’s got issues and was trying to make a statement for women empowerment, she said later.  When all else fails play the equal rights for women card.

How creepy to have to watch a tennis tournament turn into a women empowerment rally?  What’s next wearing a creepy knit pink cap during your match? I’ll never watch one of her matches again no matter who refs it.  See ya Serena!  Sounds like she should quit tennis and go work for Maxine as an intern.

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