In Memory of 9-11

I’ll never forget the morning of 9-11.  I awoke and put on FOX news and actually saw an airplane flying into the World Trade Center. I was shocked. I thought it was an accident at first until the second one flew in.  I loved those two buildings as I’d visited them when they were first opened in 1978.  I took photos of those buildings and had them hanging in my home.

My first thought after I saw the devastation was that we were at war.  I called my two sons in college and told them to be vigilant at school that day.  I called my other son’s high school and asked if they were going to be open today.  “Of course, why?” the woman asked.

“Because of the terror attack,” I explained.

“We don’t close schools because of that,” she answered dismissively.

When I saw the two buildings fall down, that sight will never be forgotten. I felt for the people on the street that had to witness that first hand and the people who couldn’t escape.  Then when I heard the Pentagon got hit and another plane crashed in a field, I wondered what in the world is going on?  I cried all morning then I saw a huge white unmarked truck pulling into my driveway with two men exciting with white turbans on!  I said, “This is it. They are going house to house to kill people.”  I hid in my house when they came to the door.  What did they want I wondered. “Who is it?” I managed to eke out after they rang the doorbell.

“We’re here from Sears with your new washer and dryer.”  (Life going casually on like nothing had occurred that morning.)

“Really?” I answered in disbelief.

I opened the garage door and in they came turbans and all.  After they left I called Sears to ask who those two men were that had turbans on.  I was profiling for sure.  Day one and I’m a profiler.  They assured me they were Sheiks not Muslims.  I told them they scared the life out of me.  They apologized but I’m sure they thought I was crazy.

Later that week I found out that my neighbor up the hill from us lost his son in the second skyscraper that was hit. In fact, he was on the phone with his father when it hit.  The line went dead. He was assuring his father that they were okay and were told to stay in place.  The whole county went to his funeral. He was an unmarried, young stock broker starting out his life that got cut short. He was a high school football star. That hit too close to home for me.  Whenever I saw his parents there were no words to comfort them.  We moved a couple of years later but will never forget the sacrifice and sadness those parents went through.

My thoughts and prayers are with all the families of these innocent victims.

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