Today on Talk Radio: A Mueller CYA Operation Was Suggested

A young man called in with a theory that I think nailed what is going on in the Mueller Investigation of Trump that I’d never thought of.  This fellow thinks Hillary printed out her 33,000 emails (that had the goods on everyone in the Obama administration–all their shenanigans: their numerous NYTimes leaks, all their illegal cover ups, their stand down orders, their fake video excuses, their lies to parents of Benghazi victims, insurance plans, dossiers, and uranium deals with the Clinton foundation) before deleting them and acid washing them.  WHY?  Because she’s using these as leverage against the former administration if they ever dare to implicate her in crimes.  She’ll bring them all down with her. Blackmail much?

Even Mueller, who’s best friends with Comey, is part of this cover up beginning with the fake dossier, and he’s using his time as Special Counsel to destroy all the files and emails that implicate the Obama Administration and everyone in it.  Forget Trump, they are covering their asses!  This is a CYA Operation.

So let’s think this out.  How will this end? Neither the FBI nor Mueller are going to raid Hillary’s places of residence with a search warrant (like they did to Cohen) to find the goods she has on them. Because they don’t want the information made public.  So who will?  The Inspector General?  But she probably put the copies in several large safe deposit boxes, and they’ll have to look for her safe deposit keys. Makes for a good movie.

Well, at least we have a reason why the Mueller Investigation is taking soooo long.  It is nothing more than a smokescreen to cover their collective asssssses. Where’s Jeff Sessions when you need him?

This is a big speculation but makes total sense to me. Mueller is biding his time until the next election to hopefully get the majority in Congress to stifle the investigation of the FBI’s involvement in the Russian Hoax to take out Trump before and then after the election.

We need to all vote in November–all Republican down the ticket–to keep the majority in congress so the biggest scandal in my lifetime doesn’t get swept under the carpet–AGAIN!


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