Feinstein’s Hail Mary is a Fail Mary.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

For Senator Diane Feinstein to hold onto a letter based on hearsay about an anonymous girl in high school to try to pull a #Metoo hail Mary on Kavanaugh is another desperate move by the Democrats.

They will stop at nothing to bring down Kavanaugh and our president.  Feinstein has lost all credibility from here on out.  No one should listen to her and especially vote for her.  She’s part of the Democratic corruption that needs to go.

She held onto this letter since July but never brought it up in open hearing for Kavanaugh to dismiss?  Instead she passes it on to the corrupt FBI to investigate?  Like they investigated Hillary?  I’m done with these corrupt politicians.  They all need to go.  Vote them out whenever you can. From Maxine to Pelosi to Feinstein to Harris to that Hawaiian one.  Get rid of them all.  They are corrupt and dishonest.

Even if there was any truth to this stupid letter, what guy in high school hasn’t tried to have sex with a girl?  Has Feinstein ever seen a high school movie or gone on a date or to a party herself?  Who are these prudes?  Obviously whatever happened is blown out of proportion since the girl is a Democrat now and does not want Kavanaugh to be the next Supreme Court Judge.  How stupid can Feinstein be? This anonymous girl’s memory of the incident is unclear and murky like she’s making it up on the fly.   You don’t forget an attempted rape or the details.  You’ll remember everything.

And Obama to be out on the campaign trail claiming he is responsible for the booming economy is rich.  He did everything to ruin the economy while in office and wanted Hillary to continue his poor policies.  What a liar he is.  The guy who blamed the former president Bush for everything that wasn’t successful in his term is trying to take credit for everything that is successful in Trump’s term.  With this theory, he must think that a sitting president has no power but rather just rests on the laurels of the president before him and Bush gave him no laurels. He’s an insult to his successor and his predecessor. He needs to get off the campaign trail.  It is unbecoming of a former president, especially one that is involved in the biggest conspiracy in my lifetime.


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