An Eleventh Hour Accusation Against Kavanaugh Stinks of Democratic Shenanigans—Again!

Here’s why.  The more I hear about this woman’s alleged attack, the more it stinks.  She says a “staggering drunk” Kavanaugh corralled her into a bedroom.  That couldn’t happen unless the girl was staggering drunk too.  Then she says he pinned her down.  Why was she lying on a bed in the first place, unless they were planning to make out.  And the fact that she says another guy was standing there watching, sounds like a scene from the movie The Accused  starring Jodie Foster which coincidentally came out in 1988.                  .

First of all, I never drank in high school nor went to parties where this kind of stuff went on.  But that’s just me. She’s not totally innocent.  I did have a very similar experience at age 22 from a very muscular contractor who tried to date rape me.  I will never forget any detail of that experience even though it was from 1972.  A neighbor called me and invited me over for Chinese take out.  I asked him how he knew me.  He said he sees me at the pool.  Red flag. Being a naive young girl I thought “what the heck.”  I’ll never forget his apartment, what I was wearing that day, what I was reading when he jumped on me on his leather couch nor how I got away.  You don’t forget those things.  I never saw him again but remember his name to this day and what he looked like.  He was much stronger and heavier than Kavanaugh.  We never even kissed yet he held me down too but I wiggled and squirmed my way off his weight and escaped leaving him there  naked.  I never reported him but he was a bad guy.  Nothing like Kavanaugh appears.  Kavanaugh seems like a choir boy compared to the thug that held me down. But unless she was slugged in the face, I don’t think her life was in danger.  That part of her story is highly embellished. And I never had therapy or was left tarnished.

This is probably nothing more than two goofy skinny drunk guys trying to hit on a girl at a party and she changed her mind, at the last minute it appears.  You never go into a bedroom with a guy, ever, unless you are planning to make out.  It’s commonsense. As a mother of three grown sons, I’d hate it if some girl from high school came out 35 years later with some sort of accusation like this to ruin their future not to mention their marriages.

She could be a big time disgruntled Hillary supporter (duh!) feminist activist that is giving her reputation up for the sake of the “betterment of America”, she feels.  She has marital problems judging by her couples therapy.  She probably already has a hate for men to begin with and she’s a professor at Stanford.  All red flags in my opinion.  Probably volunteered for the Hillary campaign and protested in the women’s march the day after Trump’s inauguration. Maybe someone paid her a lot of money to come up with this story.  I don’t put it past the Democrats. It’s a last-ditch effort by the Dems to undermine Kavanaugh.

She has scrubbed her social media posts which is another red flag.  Her students don’t like her.  She has problems.  So what does she have to lose?  She serves herself up as the sacrificial lamb to go after Kavanaugh.  How magnanimous of her.  In my opinion, she is embellishing a story and there should be a punishment for false accusations. Unless she has pictures of bruises on her arms or a swollen lip or ripped clothing she saved for 35 years, she should go away.  Take her Soros money and her pink knit hat and go buy herself a new Prius.

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