Miscreants, Dregs of Society, Deplorables, and Irredeemables, oh my.

I don’t know about you but I’m getting tired of the big names they’re calling Trump supporters. In common English (which they’re afraid to say) we’re criminals, immoral people of no worth, corrupt, and no chance to correct ourselves.  Wow!  That sounds a lot like the characters in the FBI and the former administration.  Projection much!

I don’t want Biden, Holder, Hillary, or any other Democrat telling us how horrible we are for supporting Trump.  They need to look themselves in the mirror as they’re all part of the former administration’s attempt to frame Trump and exonerate Hillary.  It’s called the Russian Hoax.

Now that all the next candidates for president have labeled supporters of Trump, I’d like to see them try to beat Trump at the ballot box.  Hillary wants the Electoral College abolished.  What a shocker!  Keep the illegals coming over the border (as long as they vote Democrat) is her plan.  Tally up the total votes even from illegals not the EC.

I hope now that Trump declassified and un-redacted the FISA warrants we can get to the bottom of the scandal.  Stay tuned until tomorrow.  The house of cards is starting to tumble evidenced by the ex-administration appearing daily on camera. They’re desperate with the big names they’re coming up for Trump supporters.  Whatever happened to smelly Walmart shoppers? Those were the good ol’ days.




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