The #Metoo Movement Has Been Hyjacked by the Left

Originally when this movement all started with Clinton crony Weinstein and his casting couch, it was about men with power offering parts in movies in exchange for sexual favors.  Then it morphed to a newscaster opening his door with his boxers on, then a newscaster just having office flings with consensual coworkers who never said “No.” Now it’s a high school drunken party with girls gone wild feeling remorseful 36 years later.  What a joke!

Women who really have been raped now can’t come forward for fear of not being believed.  A high school drunken party is not #Metoo.  There is not someone of power offering you a job or threatening to fire you.  Whoever it was…was just trying to make out with a girl.

This woman’s life was never in danger.  He didn’t rip her clothing off nor expose himself.  I doubt if a drunk could keep his hand on her mouth, let alone hold her down. This is nothing more than a sham using the #Metoo movement to end the career of a potential Supreme Court candidate.

Kavanaugh is being slandered and should sue for slander.  A girl never, ever,  goes in a bedroom at a high school party unless she’s planning to make out or “hook up” as they call it now. That’s on her.

Christine Blasey is ballsy.  If she was assaulted she needs pictures of bruises, a fat lip,  ripped clothing from 36 years ago, and a police report.  Sorry, too late ballsy Blasey.

The left is using the #Metoo movement as a reason to believe her but it’s apples and oranges and shouldn’t apply.  It’s amazing to me that the party that condones and “awards” pedophiles, rape, and violence in movies and misogynistic lyrics in music becomes such prudes when it comes to a Republican boy in high school.  They even tried this with Romney.  They said he bullied another boy in high school by cutting his hair.  If this is the well you have to go back to after years of stellar work and personal relationships for Kavanaugh, you’re desperate, hypocritical, indecent, and dishonest people.

And last, but not least, Christine hired a lawyer who’s getting paid by Soros.  That says it all.  Also George W. Bush finally came out in a statement supporting Kavanaugh.  Now that you’re speaking George, maybe come out against the Deep State or the Russian Hoax.  Where have you been?  I was a big supporter of you.  You abandoned us for nine years.

The truth and justice will always prevail and Kavanaugh will become our next Supreme Court judge. 

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