Why No One Should Believe Christine Blasey–Her Ulterior Motives.

The track record of the Democrats pulling a stunt like this before the vote on Kavanaugh is red flag number one  They lie, lie, lie, and lie to cover for their lies.  They are basically the party of liars from Harry Reid when he lied about Romney not paying his taxes for ten years, to Anita Hill claiming sexual harassment, to all the women they hired to go after Trump, now Feinstein holding this letter until the last week.  It wreaks of a set up by the Democrats.

Christine is an activist that gave $8,000 to Democratic presidential runs.  That’s a lot of money.  She’s a serious anti-Trumper.

Has anyone checked to see if she has children?  What kind of mother is she?  Why should we believe a party girl from high school?  Follow the money to see how much she’s been paid to come up with this story.  The FBI (which is another arm of the Democratic party) should by all rights be investigating her. And we know now how they rig investigations.  Why not put Bruce Ohr on the case?   As a doctor she promotes the morning after pill. Well, she must be worried that Roe vs Wade gets overturned and her studies will end.  This all fits together in the woman’s ulterior motive. She needs to be investigated but let’s not waste anymore time on her.

The whole story wreaks to high heaven.  Just have one more hearing with Kavanaugh and let him answer a few questions.  If she doesn’t show up, that’s on her.  She’s not a credible witness to anything since she was drunk in high school.  Her memory is poor and she never filed a police report.  She wasn’t raped.  This is nothing more than her embellishing a story for the Democrats.  No reasonable person believes her despite what Joy Blowhard says.  The men in congress don’t believe her but are afraid of being called insensitive to women’s rights.  As a women, I can’t be called that.  I’ve real life experiences to fall back on and her story does not ring true.

Let’s take the vote on Kavanaugh and stop all this nonsense.  Don’t let the Democrats ruin another decent man’s career and life.  Stand up for Kavanaugh!

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