Obama and Biden Are at it Again!

Yesterday I saw another clip of Obama giving a speech to a crowd of uninformed people telling them that he started the economic boom.  The crowd actually cheered, clapped, and nodded.  Who are they?  That it wasn’t a miracle that the Trump Administration started.  How dare him!  He is so jealous of Trump’s success, he’s starting to turn green with envy.  You didn’t build that, Obama!  Trump did!

Your policies, executive actions, and regulations hindered employment, companies, the stock market, hiring, taxes, healthcare.  Did you forget that Trump approved the Keystone pipeline?  How ’bout drilling in ANWR?  You can’t take credit for that!  Trump got the corporate tax rate lowered, finally, allowing companies to bring jobs back to America. You can’t take credit for that!

So, Obama, get off you high horse trying to steal Trump’s economy and go back to whatever it is that you are good at (puppet master of the Insurance Plan). We never knew except for eloquent speaker.  But when lies come out of your mouth, how eloquent can you be?  I’d rather have a brash speaker that tells us the truth than an eloquent speaker that has lies dripping from his mouth.

Now Biden was seen on tape comparing Kavanaugh and a drunk girl in high school to a man being raped in the woods by toothless, inbred, gun-toting  bootleggers on Deliverance.  Shame on you Biden.  Your mouth needs washing out.  If you think you can ever run for president again, you have just ruined your chances.  And since when is male rape the same as a boy making out with a girl in high school?  Maybe that’s the way you have sex in DC but not the rest of America. There’s no comparison and you should be ashamed.  If the girl actually got attacked at a party, she’d tell her girlfriends at school and spread the rumor around that K was a creep.  She wouldn’t tell her parents, as she shouldn’t be drinking at her age; but to only bring it up in therapy years later sounds like an excuse for her being frigid in her marriage.  Therapists love to blame everything on a childhood trauma.

Lastly, an open message to Obama, Biden, Kerry, Hillary, Holder, and Michelle: You had your chance to make America great and you failed.  We’re sick of seeing you try to steal the limelight from Trump.  Whenever your face appears on tv, we cringe. We can’t stand looking at you any longer.  Why not take a page from the G.W. Bush playbook, and go off quietly into the sunset and paint pictures.  We’d respect you more. You’re losing any respect you had by your daily appearances on camera.

Promises made–promises kept!  Trump’s new slogan.  

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