Kavanaugh’s Appearance on MacCallum Show

As a person who puts a lot of weight on body language, demeanor, and answers from anyone Democrat or Republican, I have to be honest.  I’m a true supporter of Kavanaugh and saw a broken man and wife resulting from these allegations.  It was like they were holding back tears.  It made me cry.  But there was a smidgen of something ever so small that I saw that had something to do with his high school years.  Maybe he did drink a lot at parties and was ashamed of it.  I know my sons did.  That was about all I could deduce from his answers was that he wasn’t perfect which means he probably drank and acted silly on the weekends. Not a crime but a smidgen of him being human like most boys are.  But he mentioned church, and basketball, and studies.  He also mentioned he was a virgin, and that’s hard to admit.  If he was a virgin, he was obviously not the class playboy or perv or thug.  More like the guy most likely to succeed.  I think he was ashamed of his high school drinking which is not good for his daughters to hear about.

I hate to see a good man broken like this.  He will make an excellent judge if given the chance.  Why not give the man a chance?  Why ruin his life with these unsubstantiated claims?  Let him and his family get back to normal and get the life he deserves back.

Let Kavanaugh be Kavanaugh and let him get his votes to be the next Supreme Court Judge.

For those who are condemning him, I weep for the day your son gets accused of something similar and it ruins his job.  You are setting a dangerous precedent. It will be a whole different story coming from you then, I’m sure.  Because what goes around, comes back around.

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