These Progressives attacked my beloved Senator Ted Cruz when in a restaurant?  Ted Cruz is one of the best Senators in Congress right now!  He’s not only funny, but the smartest constitutional lawyer out there.  I wanted him to be the pick for Supreme Court or AG.  Remember when he said the Democratic debate was like a debate between the Bolsheviks and the Mensheviks?  That was genius!  These loser protesters attacking him should be arrested!  I’m sick of all of this garbage!

From Michelle giving speeches on how “great” her husband was as president to the women coming out of the woodwork against Kavanaugh, it’s enough already!  You don’t like Republicans.  We get it.  Just leave us alone and let Trump run the country in the right direction. Not down… but up.  I know it’s hard for the simpletons to understand because you’ve been brainwashed by the leftists!  But he’s doing a great job.  STOP all the protests and attacking our representatives.  It makes you look bad.  And you don’t want that before the election, do you?

And the UN folks who chuckled silently when Trump trumpeted his administration’s accomplishments; well, that’s ONLY because they listen to CNN.  They don’t know any better.  Poor representatives of their country, they’ve been listening to FAKE NEWS!

I would like to know what Feinstein, Harris, Booker, Hawaiian senator, Rosenblum, and Gildebrand did in high school.  Let’s run a FBI  investigation into their pasts.  See what turns up.  I’m sure they are not squeaky clean yet we vote them in as senators.  Who did they have sex with?  Did they drink or take drugs?  Did they smoke pot?  Did they have a reputation?  Did they sneak out of their house at night?  Let’s get to the bottom of their lives.  President Obama did some of these things in high school yet no one cared.  Interesting how they care so much about a Republican’s past but not a Democrat’s.  One would almost think there was a double standard.  Hmmm.


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