Here’s What’s Going On With The Latest Accuser–the Real Blue Wave.

The left tried an accusation of holding a drunk high school girl down at a party which no one could corroborate.  They then tried a girl with a Hispanic last name to claim he stuck his private part in her face at a party in college.  That didn’t hold water.  So one of the newscasters compared Kavanaugh to Bill Cosby yesterday who date-raped all his victims and a light went on in Stormy Daniels’ lawyer’s head.

Next day a new feminist comes out saying Kavanaugh was part of a gang drug rape crowd at parties at the beach.  She had been to ten of these parties. One time herself getting drugged and raped! Oh my!  She was so offended by these parties that she kept coming back!  What girl would take the chance of getting gang raped?  No one.

This girl is about as credible as Harry Reid.  Everything she is claiming is just not something guys do.  Sorry lady.  It doesn’t pass the smell test.  Go back to the well, Stormy lawyer, and come up with something better.  Your time is running out.  These women are all paid activists against Trump who have been hounded by the left media to come up with a story on Kavanaugh.  Who knows how much they get paid by Soros?  Or Hillary?  We don’t know, but it sure is suspect. And who’s paying this shady lawyer?

The vision of college boys lining up to rape a girl is nothing more than fiction more suited for a violent movie scene.  Girls during that time period were well aware of what date rape was and weren’t naive.  Let’s give women more credit for not being stupid like Stormy’s lawyer has done.  I thought we were smarter than this.  I thought we wanted to be equal. Sounds like a party of dumb girls.

Boy, oh boy, the lengths the left will go to stop the Supreme Court from becoming conservative.  My , oh my.  Lordy be! No one saw this coming.  This could be the “blue wave” we heard about.  A wave of leftists coming after poor Kavanaugh.



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