Ford Plays Dumb and Kavanaugh is Passionate

Here’s the red flags I noticed in Ford’s appearance:

The way she talked and acted looked so juvenile and goofy for a woman with all these degrees.  I thought she’d act and talk like a professor.  Instead she appeared to have never grown up past high school.  The way she said, “I need to have my coffee first,” then giggled was unseemly, if not inappropriate, for the accusations she was about to make.

The way she played dumb when asked why she didn’t want the committee to come interview her in California.  “Deer in the headlights” expression.  The way she hedged when they asked who’s paying for your legal expenses and polygraph.  She hummed and hawed like she was afraid to let us know that political operatives were handling her.  In my opinion, she is not a credible witness.

When they asked her why your girlfriend couldn’t vouch for you. She said she has medical issues.

Another observance was when asked if you’ve ever been to another party with Kavanaugh in attendance she said four or five times.  Then the lawyer asks her did anything happen at those parties and she breaks out in a laugh.  I thought sexual assault was not a laughing matter.  She blew it with that answer in my opinion.

And her nativity for legal procedures and terminology belies her degrees.  Didn’t know what exculpatory evidence meant.  Played dumb about her fear of flying which the lawyer called her out on.  No one with a fear of flying flies to Costa Rica.  Sorry lady.  If you lie about one thing, you’ll lie about another.

When asked if you told your parents currently what you are up to she answers “no way.” Like she doesn’t respect her parents or visa versa.  Or maybe they are Republicans.

Those are my observances of her weird behavior.

Judge Kavanaugh appears like a normal person would appear that is innocent and getting charged with false accusations and character assassinations.  You go Kavanaugh.  Stand up for yourself!


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