There’s No War Against Women…But There’s War Against White Men!

Mothers and fathers warn your sons about what’s coming down the pike.  The left is after white men now.  “White men are evil.  They don’t believe women.  They are sexist, evil, racist, misogynist, chauvinist pigs.” For a while it was a war on the police but it has expanded based on the tee shirts women were wearing outside the hearing yesterday.

We have to stop this movement before it ruins our sons’ future.  I don’t know how these women can think this way unless they don’t have sons themselves.  Or are they raising their sons to be girls?  Maybe they are dressing them in dresses to abolish the male gender altogether.  I weep for the future.  I’m scared for the future.  If a strange woman can come out and place an accusation 36 years later on a successful man, anything can happen now.  The Democrats in the committee practically called her the Joan of Arc.  It was shocking.  “What world am I living in?” I asked myself.  

Obviously the woman’s had a poor upbringing as it has aged her about twenty years, but how is that our problem?  Why do we have to accept anything that comes out of her mouth.  We don’t.  We need to stand up for our rights and stop this attack on our men!  Nip it in the bud! If we capitulate to it or ignore it, it will continue.  It will show up in sitcoms and classrooms, and teach our young children that the male gender is a second class citizen.  Soon men will have to start campaigning for equal rights.  The world is turning upside down and inside out.  The left is ruining our country. Period!

And Christine Ford’s fifteen minutes of fame is about up: Tic toc, tic toc. See ya later lady.  You are one of many who come up to ruin a man’s life.  A year from now, no one will recall you.


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