How Can a Mere Allegation, That is Not Admissible in a Court of Law, Make You Rich?

Let’s see shall we?  A woman, who has a “suppressed memory” of something sexual thirty-six years ago in high school, comes out against a prominent man up for the highest job in the court.  Then she goes public with the allegation and gains the support of feminists across the nation.  Then she hires two big activist pro-bono lawyers. Then she opens a GoFundMe account and pretends she knows nothing about how to access the money.  Then the feminists, selfie-generation, and man-bun males across the country funnel $1,000,000 online into her account for so-called “Security Detail” due to the threats she is getting.  (That’s some expensive security bodyguard, she’s hired.)  And her sexual allegation based on “suppressed memory” is not even admissible in a court of law.

That’s how a mere allegation can make one rich.

We’re better than this America.  Let’s be serious folks.  None of this passes the smell test. Be smart and vote these scoundrels out of office that are pushing this “totally inadmissible in court” allegation against Kavanaugh: Feinstein, Booker, Coons, Schumer, Whitehouse, Hawaiian senator, Leahy, Blumenthal, Pocahontas, Maxine, Harris, Durbin, and Klobuchar. Vote all these Democrats out, next time they are up for an election. Then we can say to them again, “Elections have consequences and so do your actions!”

If we don’t prosecute them in the voting booth like we did to Hillary,  this could happen to our husbands, sons, and brothers up for a promotion.  It has to stop somewhere.

And finally, Judge Kavanaugh is a saint compared to the history of infidelity, drugs, sexual harassment, mistresses, DUI, a real rape and assault, hush money, a real “took it out” claim, and even a vehicle fatality from some of our revered past presidents and senators. If they all passed the scrutiny to some of the highest positions in the land, certainly Kavanaugh should.  But the big difference was, most of them were Democrats or RINOs except one.

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