What Happens in Your High School Yearbook…Stays in Your Yearbook.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

I made it a rule to never read my sons’ yearbooks.  Guys write things I don’t want to know.  They brag and write in code words.  Everyone knows this.  How does the senate not know this? They have feigned outrage over Kavanaugh’s yearbook.

When I was in high school a couple of generations ago, my boyfriend took a whole page to brag about our dates at the drive-in even though I was a virgin.  It was embarrassing to read, so I hid it from my parents.

For Kavanaugh to have to explain away the silly comments written by him in his yearbook was humiliating and a national disgrace.

Now Rachel Mitchell, the sex crime lawyer,  has found Ford’s answers to be inconsistent with her other answers and, therefore, not a credible witness.  No prosecutor would touch her case.  PERIOD.

Sweatnick is an attention-seeking psychopath according to a man who dated her for years.  She was always filing lawsuits.  She asked her boyfriend to hit her, probably so you could have him arrested or sue for physical abuse.  Case closed.

An actress posted a mocking imitation of Ford’s voice and the left made her take it off twitter.  The left has such a double standard when it comes to humor.  Actors can make fun of Republicans until the cows come home, but they better not make fun of one of them.  Ever.

Now we know the left wants to abolish ICE but never knew it extended to ice thrown at someone in a bar.  Oh my!  Their case against Kavanaugh is melting faster than an ice cube in Phoenix.

If you ask a stupid question, you’re going to get a stupid answer.  If Kavanaugh didn’t answer totally truthfully about his yearbook, I don’t care.  It’s irrelevant.  Ford lied several times to congress according to my list.  No one is going after her lies.  Double standard much Democrats! And I disagree with just about everyone, Ford was faking the whole event.  I see through people.  I hear between the lines.

I wish Kavanaugh would just get voted in already.  I’m tired of writing his name.

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