The Shenanigans of the Democrats

A Democrat sent ricin to members of the Republican senate.  Democrat intern posted personal information on Republican senators online for all to see. A Democrat shot up a Republican senator baseball game. Democrats come out with unsubstantiated claims of rape, drugging, and exposing himself about our Supreme Court candidate. Democrat FBI raided lawyers’ offices in dead of night since they worked for Trump. Democrats protest in the streets and break store windows. Democrats leaked a letter to the press from Dr. Ford after his hearing was over. Democrats send death threats to our S.C. candidate and his family. And Democrats accost Republican representatives in the streets, restaurants, and airports.  A prominent Democrat deleted emails after they were subpoenaed by Congress. YET they say the Republicans are immoral, racist, lying, evil, white trash.

Most of these crimes above are punishable by time in jail, but, alas, Democrats are given a pass by the media as well as law enforcement.  How can Democrats act this way?  Where is their moral compass?  They don’t have one.  They don’t have to answer to a higher calling.

I went on the Washington Post for a day just to see the comments by their readers.  I was shocked but the naivety of most of them.  When I posted facts that are well-known, they called it satire.  They asked me what planet do I live on.  It was funny.  They know nothing about sanctuary states, open borders, high taxes, and free college which their Democrats are promising.  And when they couldn’t back their argument with facts, they resort to name calling, as usual. They clearly are uninformed about the accomplishments of Trump.  They still call him in collusion with Russia and grabbing women’s body parts.  It is so sad to see half of our country is uninformed yet they may to go the ballot box.

With this illegal behavior increasing to a fever pitch by Democrats, I fear someone will really get physically hurt.  When caught, they don’t seem to care.  They are part of the Resist Movement and are working for a better cause–the cause to take power back from the Republicans.  I don’t trust these Democrats and I know a few of them personally.  They will lie, steal, and treat Republicans disrespectfully.  They all have Trump Derangement Syndrome for sure.

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