The Big Story: FBI Agent Monica McClain and Dr. Ford. The Story of Two Angry Feminists.

Once upon a time, an angry female ex-FBI agent and an angry Hillary supporting professor get together.

From what I’m hearing former FBI Agent Monica McClain who is friends with Dr. Ford were together in Delaware when Ford composed her letter to Feinstein.  Ford said she had no help.  Hmmm.  Monica has been reportedly hounding former girlfriend Leland Kaiser to change her story to that she remembers the now questionable party. Coincidentally, this same agent got instructions from Ford on how to pass a polygraph. Ford said she never helped anyone with a polygraph.  Hmmm. And this same agent is affiliated with Schumer.  Hmmm.  And Ford’s lawyers are Clinton cronies. Hmmm.  And the senators are aware of all of this.

The plot thickens.  Wait to see which newspaper comes out with this story.  Hannity?  Tucker?  Where are you?  Ingram?

Sounds to me like an orchestrated smear campaign from the get-go with Schumer, Clinton, Soros behind it all and Feinstein joined the group.  Meanwhile, Ford has received over one million on her Gofundme account.  Crime does pay?  I think she should return it and be sued for slander.

New York Times will not allow any pro Kavanaugh comments on their articles.  They appear and then disappear within a minute.  They shadowban their comments.  Definitely fake news.

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