The Left is Proving Over and Over That They Are SORE LOSERS.

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Acting out after losing at anything is conduct unbecoming of a human being.  They are the ones that should be ashamed.  They look like the Wild West ready to form a posse for a lynching.  Their incivility is embarrassing us in front of the world.  They don’t believe in due process or the presumption of innocence.

The FBI report was very telling.  It exposed facts that the senators don’t even want to go public.  Embarrassing facts on Dr.Ford.  Eventually they will come out but they didn’t want them revealed now.  It wasn’t even close.  It was clear-cut and dry, black and white on whether to believe Kavanaugh over Ford; otherwise Collins would have chosen the woman.  Collins always plays the woman card.  But not this time.  There was something very explosive in that report that changed her mind.

With that said, I’m so proud that Kavanaugh will be confirmed to the Supreme Court. He worked his whole life for this position and deserves it.  No reason to pull him and appoint another like many wanted Trump to do.  This also proves that Trump will stand by his man.  He won’t let a mob rule his actions.

I pray that Kavanaugh’s family will be able to recover from the all out assault on them.  After reading the callous remarks on a New York Times article comment section yesterday, I was appalled by what readers were calling Kavanaugh and Republicans. And the NYT says they screen comments for civility.  That’s a lie.  They screen comments to make sure they are leftist comments.  Most of mine didn’t make it through because I defended K.

Some readers were condoning another civil war.  Some were hoping K would die soon and it passed their screening editor.  I’m ashamed of the main stream media.  They have no moral compass at all.  Some women comments were outrageous.  They want to form their own voting party.  They call K a sexual predator.  A predator seeks out victims for an attack.  They have no idea what they are saying.  K went through his whole life without one claim of sexual harassment in the work place even.  He is actually squeaky clean.  Unlike a lot of bosses I used to have in the 70s.

Crazies to the left of me are out of control.  They need to stop accosting our representitives before someone gets shot up on a baseball field.  I’m glad I live in a rural area and not a big city.  I don’t think I could tolerate these crazy protesters.  Not sure what I’d do, but they are pushing my limit of civility.  I could give them the finger.

The women who falsely accused K should be prosecuted to the limit.  They can’t get away with doing this or it will happen again for our next candidate.  They have opened the floodgates for this kind of behavior and we allowed them do it.  Time to punish them, legally.

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