What Do We Know Before the Mid-Term Elections?

Let’s make a list of what we know about what is going on in politics and how the mid-term elections are important:

  1.  The left is on a “we believe women” jag. Forget the evidence, just believe all women. Guess what?  Some women lie.  Truthfulness is not a trait specific to females.
  2.  Hillary and Maxine are inciting mob rule against Republicans until the Democrats take over the House and the Senate. Don’t let them.
  3.  The left will try to make Kavanaugh an illegitimate justice just like Bush was an illegitimate president.
  4.  Sheila Jackson Lee’s staff member released private information on Republican senators including information on their children after hacking into a secured computer.  He’s been arrested. Point being, the left has their drones committing crimes for their cause.  I’m sure Sheila knew about it. She did slip an envelope underhandedly to Ford’s lawyer after the testimony. Caught on camera.
  5.  The left wants to impeach Trump and Kavanaugh, if they win the majority.
  6.  The left wants to rescind our tax cuts, if they win the majority.
  7.   The left is dismissing white women as deplorable if they vote Republican.
  8.   Either Feinstein, Ford’s lawyers, or Ford leaked her private letter to the press, it     appears. And the Dems paid for protesters at the hearing.
  9.   The left conducted a smear campaign against Judge Kavanaugh.
  10.   The left wants open borders and abolish ICE if they win the majority.
  11.   The left wants free healthcare for all.
  12.   The left wants every state to be a sanctuary state with benefits given to illegals.
  13.   The left wants to set up tents for homeless and drug injection areas.
  14.   The left doesn’t care about increase in crime resulting from all their policies.
  15.   The left has a war on police.
  16.   The left is paying for protesters to picket in the streets across America.
  17.   The left wants to bully anyone that doesn’t believe what they want.
  18.  Trump is making great progress toward peace with North Korea, Russia, and China. Let’s not upset this progress by letting the weak Dems take over.
  19.  Trump is making great strides with the wall being built.  Let’s not let the Dems ruin that progress.
  20.  Trump wants to fulfill his promise to make tariffs fair and rebuild our infrastructure. Let’s not let the Dems get control of that.  They obstruct everything.
  21.  Celebrities will come out in full force against anything Trump and will try to convince their followers to vote Democrat.
  22.  And lastly, if the left takes over they will stop the investigation into FBI’s corruption at the top that tried to take down the Trump presidency from the Insurance Plan to the fake dossier to the wiretapping and lying to congress.  We still haven’t seen the FISA report that allowed the wiretapping. If they win, we’ll never see it.  But Mueller’s fake Russia probe will continue.

All of the above requires us to vote for Republican governors, senators, and congressmen so we keep the majority and continue fulfilling Trump’s promises.  We need to keep America safe, working, and prosperous.


If California, where I’ve owned property for 40 years, goes with Gavin Newsom, my property tax will rise, the open space will have homeless on it, schools will be impacted, arson will increase, and crime will go up.  Thanks Jerry and Gavin.  Great governors.  Not.


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