Pelosi Has Her Own Dictionary: Border Wall = Manhood; Money = Crumbs; Securing the Border = Lawnmowers; Passing a Bill = Reading it.

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We all know the left will not give Trump credit for any of his accomplishments so now they have to rename them or come up with a ridiculing name like Trump’s manhood for the wall.

We also know the left is going crazy the closer we get to the mid-terms.  First they pulled the Kavanaugh smear campaign now it’s the caravan from Honduras heading our way funded by Soros and intended to embarrass Trump.  And the Stormy lawsuit against Trump which got thrown out of court. And the increase in violence which has been incited by Hillary, Eric Holder, Booker, and Maxine.  They are grabbing at straws and losing everyone of them.

With all these illegals coming into our country, it is no wonder that there are new diseases that our children our contracting that have no cure.  There is a polio-like disease that the doctors have no clue how to cure.  This is because these illegals have no immunizations and poor living conditions.  But it is not the responsibility of America to care for all these third world countries or take in their people.  It’s America first or we become one of them.

We need to fund the building of the wall as soon as possible to stop this invasion of South Americans into our country which are spreading disease.  It’s the only thing that will deter them at this point. We’ve tried everything else.  We want legal immigration not illegal.  Get in line or be declined.

Build the Wall!   Vote Republican!  We promote jobs, they promote mobs!

The Democrats want open borders for all so they can eventually get more people voting Democrat. But they don’t care about the crime, disease, overpopulation, homelessness, and increase in unemployment it will cause. All they care about is getting their power back at all costs–even the cost of ruining our country.

Build the Wall! Vote Republican! We promote jobs, they promote mobs!

After watching Biden, Rosen, Cruz’s opponent, and Pocahontas in debates, it is clear they have all taken their marching orders to use the same talking points.  Probably got them from Obama.  Here’s a few they keep repeating:  Charlottesville and Trump saying good people on both sides; the tax scam that gave tax relief to big corporations; we are better than this; this is not who we are; Trump’s inciting violence at rallies; Trump is pulling babies from arms of parents; when will Trump show his tax returns; and Trump loves dictators of other countries.  This is all they got.  They are going back to same well when Trump was running and not giving him credit for the economy, building up the military, peace with North Korea, and lowest unemployment records.

This is what they are running on: Trump’s original campaign.  They have no ideas of their own and can’t complain how the country is going so it is Resist, Resist, Resist.






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