Obama Campaigning in Nevada is Spewing Nothing But Lies

I tried to watch Obama’s campaign speech for Rosen who’s running against Heller but had to turn it off.  It was filled with self-aggrandizing lies.

He says the economy was great when he handed it off to Trump. Lie number one.  He said it would have been better but the Republicans in congress turned down all his ideas. If they did, they weren’t good ideas.  Then he went on to say that the Republican “play book” is to pit people against each other and say that Democrats don’t look like us.  Lie number three. Did he forget that we’ve been called deplorable, irredeemable, dregs of society? If that’s not pitting them against us, I don’t know what is. Then he had the gall to say that the Republicans are inciting violence and promising calm as long a they keep power.  Are you kidding me Obama?  That’s exactly what Hillary did.  You are the biggest liar as a former president I have ever seen.  Your audience must have an IQ of 40 if they believe your lies.  I had to turn it off after that because it was so ludicrous.  Then he complimented two bands that played before his arrival.  Obviously, that’s how they got the crowd.  Always need to bring in a real celebrity to attract an audience.  Very clever Obama.  Got to hand it to your cleverness, but the lies are rich.  If you think one person believes you sparked our economy then you have to put down the bong.

The reality was that our country was on the edge of an abyss and ready to fall in if Hillary had won.  She started fires all around the world and potential wars.  No country respected our country and knew they could ef with us.  Remember when Iran took sailors off a navy ship and held them for days and put them on camera making them look like cowards?  Well, Obama forgets about when he told the Navy to ‘Stand down.”  He forgets about the terror attacks we had on our soil while he was president due to political correctness gone wild.

The reality is the left is inciting violence on our Republicans evidenced by some asshole yesterday verbally attacking Mitch McConnell in a restaurant with his wife.  If I was in that restaurant I would have walked up to that kid and backed him out the front door. And if he touched me I would have pressed charges.  This is how we have to deal with these losers.  Don’t let them get away with it.  These millennials are brainwashed and indoctrinated in college to hate Republicans.  They don’t even know that they are biting the hand that feeds them and their parents.  They are ignorant.  Obama preys on the ignorant to get them to vote.  It is a sad state of affairs.

Get out to vote and vote Republican all the way down the ticket.  All the polling is skewed toward Democrat answers I notice when I answered one poll.  They asked, which candidate would be better for schools, better for working across the isle, better for healthcare, better for the LBGBQ?  These are dog whistle questions for Democrats.  But they didn’t ask who is better at securing our border, immigration reform, bringing back the economy, and lowering your taxes?  Of course, they didn’t.  Because that would have given a Republican answer.  But I cleverly said the Republican candidate anyway just to ef with their survey.

We are all on to you Democrats.  You lie like a rug.  All of you do.  It is unseemly the way you lie to your fans and constituents.  Shame on all of you.  You too Biden.  I saw your lies and Beto too.  You’re all a bunch of losing liars.

Trump is bringing back the country one day at a time and you all can’t stand it.  You are turning green and not in the environmental way.  We know you are behind the caravan and feeding them and paying them to walk that far.  We’re not stupid.  But it will backfire again just like your phony Dr. I-can’t-fly-Ford’s lies against Kavanaugh.  Nice try.

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