Is the Bomb Hoaxer a Stereotypical Right- Wing Nut or Intended to Look Like a Right-Wing Nut?

He might as well have had a huge sign on the top of his van reading, “It’s Me!” Why would the bomber have a vehicle plastered with pro Trump and anti Hillary stickers all over it unless..he wanted to be caught?

How long has this van been plastered with these stickers in a blue state or is it a movie-prop type of van intended to look like a pro Trump van?

After all, the fake bombs were movie-prop in nature, not intended to go off.  So why not a van that is staged to look like a pro Trump activist?

This whole scare could still be a set up by someone who paid this fool to do all their dirty work.  If he has a big deposit recently into his bank, I would like to see who gave it to him. I hate to be a conspiracy nut, but there have been so many lately (Kavanaugh smear, Switnick, Stormy, Russia, Insurance Plan, Benghazi et al) It’s hard not to.  Maybe he was carefully selected by someone to pull this off.

I’m not convinced yet that the Clintons don’t have their hands in this. And Cesar sounds like a Hispanic name but the press is calling him a white guy.  He must be at least 1/1024th Hispanic.  It just sounds better to say “old white guy,” these days.

Most pro-Trump supporters don’t advertise like this on their vehicles and would never target Democrats in any manner.  If he is the real deal, he has really gone off the rails and embarrassed us.




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