The Anatomy of a Killer

Photo by Daniel Reche on

Hate is born first at the kitchen table. Be careful what you say around your children. Second, it is heard in school these days. Be careful what you are teaching our children. Then it is spread in college. Some of our professors are spreading hate. Then it is spewed on television in late night comedy, by actors, athletes, movies, video games, musicians, politicians, awards shows, sports talk, and Cable news. Careful what you say or imply in this media as you have a strong voice. And lastly, after all this hate has been nurtured it is amplified on social media and in major newspapers.

Social media should be screened for hate and our newspapers should be edited for hate. I am shocked by what I read in major newspapers. It’s almost a miracle, with all the outside influences our children are subjected to, that they turn out normal, peace-loving adults. Currently, my step grandson comes home from school saying he hates Trump. I ask him why? And he doesn’t know why. He’s only ten. Something is going on in his classroom.

Freedom of speech is getting out of control and needs to be curtailed especially when it results in police ignored violence in our streets. And all this fake Hitler rhetoric for the last two years just encourages sickos like yesterday’s shooter.

Bottom line:  All this talk about Trump’s rhetoric at rallies encouraging psychos is nonsense and hypocritical. As the ones saying it, are actually doing it.  It’s called projecting what you do onto Trump.  If Trump had said half the things the Democrats in power are saying, the media would go ballistic. But they turn a blind eye to the Dems.

Trump’s rallies are fun to watch and filled with happy deplorables and dregs of society not deranged outlaws.   And nothing he says would instigate a bomber or a shooter.  That’s on them and their parents.


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