What Can We Take From the Mid-Term Election Results?

Photo by Jem Sanchez on Pexels.com

The mid-term elections were very telling.  Here are some of my observations:

  1.  Californians that moved to Nevada have ruined Nevada.  They actually voted yes to registering anyone who gets a driver’s license to vote.  Dumb. They voted for a big league Trump hater as Governor.  They voted for propositions that will raise property taxes. They voted for a California funded woman for Senator. Dumb.
  2.  Californians that moved to Colorado have ruined that state.
  3.  Californians that moved to Texas are trying to turn Texas into a blue state thus making it hard for Cruz to win.  Even with all the Hollywood money, Cruz eked out a win.  Great news.
  4. New York voters aren’t that smart.  They voted for Cuomo again and some chick out of college for congress.  She is as dumb as a rock when answering questions but since this is the “year of the woman”–she wins.  Wake up New Yorkers.  You’re suppose to be elite, smart, college-educated people.  You are voting with no commonsense.
  5. Taylor Swift’s endorsement for senator in Tennessee was worthless.  Shut up and sing.  You are a traitor to country musicians.  Go join the Dixie Chicks.
  6. Obama’s angry speeches were worthless.  He actually called Republicans liars.  Kettle black much Obama? Shut up and retire already.
  7. The Kavanaugh effect was alive and well.  Every senator in a red state that voted against Kavanaugh lost their election.  Karma alive and well. Kavanaugh must have been smiling.
  8. Florida surprised me.  They have gotten so radical with Puerto Ricans moving there that I was worried.  So glad Scott pulled out a win and DeSantis.  Both great guys.
  9. Endorsements by Hollywood fell flat.  Stay out of elections.  You know nothing about politics.
  10. Ten or Eleven of the candidates that Trump campaigned for won.  None of Obama’s won.
  11. Some of the Democrats that are thinking of running for president won hands down in their states like Sanders, Newsom, Klobuchar, Pocahontas–big league libs.
  12. Chris Wallace at Fox News is a Democrat in sheep’s clothing.  His face said it all last night when the Republicans won the senate.  He wouldn’t give Trump any credit and he argued with Laura Ingram.  “Let’s pump the breaks,” he kept saying.

Listen California.  After you ruin your state, don’t move to other ones and ruin them too like Oregon, Nevada, Texas, and Arizona.  Stay where you are and live with what you voted for.  Live in your own crap.  Don’t move to another state and want to change it.

So glad we increased our lead in the Senate!  But the silver lining is: the Democrats got a little taste of winning and will play it up big time and won’t be protesting in the streets.  So sick of that.  But they will downplay the Senate wins or request a recount.

So sorry Scott Walker lost.  That was my biggest surprise aside from Nevada.  Maybe Trump can find a place for Walker in his cabinet and Heller too for that matter.  They didn’t deserve to lose.

I wrote too soon:  Antifa attacked Tucker Carlson’s home last night terrorizing his family while he was at work.  I guess the left is never happy even after winning the House.  And a couple of the losers in Senate are going to contest the votes.  Maybe even blame Russia tampering.  Who knows?  They will stop at nothing.


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