The GOP is the Party for Women

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Despite what Vogue Magazine is telling women, that “if we vote GOP we are voting against our interests.”  What interests are those, pray tell?

Transgender bathrooms? Open borders? Higher taxes? Free birth control? No security in schools? Political correctness gone wild? Protesters gone wild? Sanctuary cities? Homelessness?  High unemployment?  ISIS and terror attacks? Mob rule? Abolish ICE? Resist our President? Impeach Kavanaugh? Smear campaigns? Kneeling and resisting?

None of the above helps women yet that is what the Democrats condone these days.  Vogue Magazine and the likes of Taylor Swift and Oprah need to stay out of our lives. GOP women are strong, independent, smart, hold high positions, raise children, stand up for themselves, and love men.  We aren’t trying to bring down men in order to raise ourselves.  We are all equal but different.  We need men to make our families complete and help raise our children and protect our country. They play an important and necessary role in our lives.

When Madeline Allbright said that “there’s a special place in hell for a woman who doesn’t vote for another woman,” where was Taylor Swift?  Was she sleeping that day? She endorsed a man over a woman senator.  The left are such hypocrites.  If the woman was a Democrat, Taylor would have endorsed her.  There’s a war on GOP women and this is just another sorry example.

Vogue is being sexist and misogynist for telling women how to vote.  We do vote for our best interests, thank you very much.  We can think for ourselves.  I vote for my grandchildren’s future.  I don’t want violence in the streets and schools. I don’t want political correctness to be America’s suicide belt.  I don’t want climate change to be considered our biggest threat.  I don’t want terror attacks or mass shootings in public places.  I don’t want mass invasions of our country by illegals.  I don’t want high taxes. I don’t want North Korea shooting missiles at us. When you vote Democrat you are condoning all this.  Democrats want to abolish ICE.  I want to abolish ISIS.

So Vogue, you’d be better off trying to schedule Melania for your cover than telling the GOP women to change parties.  Your sales will skyrocket.  We’re sick of seeing Michelle on magazine covers with her fake hair.   I’m ashamed of the Democrat party.  They all have egg on their faces, especially Hollywood.  Stick to photo shoots and fashion reviews and stay out of politics.  You know nothing about GOP women. If there is a woman elected president someday, it will be a GOP woman, as they are smarter.




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