We Need A National Voting System

Photo by Element5 Digital on Pexels.com

We need to change the voting system to make it less apt to be hyjacked like what is going on in Arizona and Florida.  Here are my suggestions:

  1. One must register to vote prior to voting day.  No more provisional ballots.  If you’re too lazy to register, don’t bother coming to the vote.
  2. One must show ID and sign prior to getting a ballot.
  3. Mail in ballots must be postmarked no later than election day.  One cannot mail it in afterwards.
  4. Polling workers must open and record each mail in ballot as they come in, stamp them, and store them in a safe.
  5. The ballots on election day should be paper with boxes to be filled in with black felt pen.  If one makes a mistake, give it to a poll worker to be shredded and ask for another.  Then they are fed into a machine by a poll worker while the voter watches. No chance for a poll worker to tamper with it.
  6. No more computer, punch key or hanging shags ballots.  Just paper with boxes to fill in.  Each precinct will have the same system.
  7. Ballots that double vote for both candidate or left blank will just be considered a non vote.  No more second guessing by poll workers or recounts.
  8. Registered voting lists need to be checked for deceased names or those who have moved and removed prior to election day. If a person tries to use their name, they will be prosecuted.
  9. Voters need to sign a paper prior to issuing a ballot stating that they are only voting once and that they are a legal U. S citizen.  Violators will be prosecuted. If they refuse to sign, no ballot is issued.
  10. Mail in ballots have ten days to be received after election day. No exceptions and no late postmarks allowed.
  11. Early voting in person is allowed as long as the votes are recorded and put into the computer.  No boxes of paper ballots lying around until election day.  Recorded ballots will be stamped as such and put into a safe. No chance to be re-recorded.
  12. There will be a bonded security inspector watching at each precinct.

The way Broward County is conducting their precincts is sloppy, if not corrupt.  We have no way of knowing what has been done to ballots.  Some found in a school room and turned in late. Thirty thousand more turning up mysteriously and they are all Democrat votes.   Then Hillary’s lawyers showing up to say they are there to win the election for Nelson.  I heard how Franken won for senator.  His lawyers came to town and dismissed Republican votes and accepted Democrat ones and soon Al won.  It’s the same lawyer being sent to Florida.  It’s shady and needs to stop.  The elected woman running Broward County precinct needs to be let go.  She is operating a corrupt outfit. And Nelson’s lawyers asked the judge to accept ballots from non citizens.  Outrageous!

If this all ends up in the Supreme Court, they better be careful as Kavanaugh is well aware of the Democrat’s tricks.  And he owes you no favors.

And I also heard Flake and Kasich are thinking of running against Trump 2020.  If they aren’t Democrats in sheep’s clothing, I don’t know who is.


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