Hillary Plans a Run in 2020! Who’s Going to Vote For Her?

Photo by Aaron Kittredge on Pexels.com

Who votes for Hillary?  Not the deplorables or the dregs of society or the women who take their marching orders from their husbands, or the irredeemables, so who’s left?

Who would be able to vote for a woman who is clearly corrupt and thinks she is above the law?  She was involved in the fake dossier that led to Trump being wiretapped.  She lied about what happened in Benghazi to the Congress.  She was operating a Pay to Play operation while Secretary of State funneling millions into the Clinton Foundation. She set up an illegal server in her house bypassing the government email system so no one would see what she was up to.  When asked by congress to turn over ALL her emails, she deleted 30,000 incriminating ones and bleached her hard drive and destroyed three private cell phones.  That is unlawful but Comey let her off.  Comey was part of the Benghazi coverup; and if he indicted Hillary, she would spill the beans on the whole operation from the Insurance Plan to the fake dossier to the Russia collusion plan. She recently said that all blacks look alike and no one calls her out on that. She also said that protesting won’t stop until the Democrats take over the power.  She condones protesting, resisting, and kneeling. That’s what she is running on.

So with all this unlawful activity surrounding Hillary, who would have the integrity to vote for her?  Only a depraved person or a low information voter who gets all their news off of CNN, internet, ESPN, late night comedy, or MSNBC.

These same depraved people work in Broward County election office doing whatever it takes to make Nelson and Gillam win.  These same depraved people voted for a corrupt governor of New Jersey.  Maxine is corrupt and continues to keep her job with the help of depraved voters.  Andrew Gillam is clearly corrupt and election workers are trying to flip the votes in his favor.

Are we living in a banana republic where corruption is rewarded and honesty and lawfulness are no longer revered?  I’m appalled that the Election Officer in Broward County still has a job.  Someone screwed up there.  She destroyed ballots in the last election and was caught!  She should have been fired.

So what makes a person vote for an obvious unethical or corrupt candidate?  Maybe it makes them feel a little better about themselves if they see someone worse than themselves running the country?  Maybe if a philanderer voted for Bill Clinton it was because he felt he was in good company.  Maybe if a liar or cheat votes for Hillary they feel in good company?  Maybe if a thief votes for any corrupt candidate he feels somewhat less evil knowing his higher authority is more evil than himself. Who knows how people think?

The millennials vote prominently Democrat as they are indoctrinated in college to be liberal and that Republicans are evil.  The feminists vote Democrat because they vote for social justice rather than economy and law and order but would never vote for a Republican woman even though they claim to be the champion of women.  That’s a lie.  So the millennials, feminists, Hispanics, Blacks, low information voters, and illegals will vote for Hillary.  Even though we have the greatest economy in modern history. Go figure.   That leaves the rest of us deplorables, dregs of society, and irredeemables to vote for Trump as we are BetteroffwithTrump.  I think we are in the majority.  One would hope so.

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