Michelle’s “Becoming” is Unbecoming for a Former First Lady

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The main stream media is swooning over her tell all book entitled Becoming.  Anytime a celebrity or politician writes a book that trashes our president, the left media goes wild. But let’s face it, they were always wild about Michelle.   Amazing what 63 million can buy.

She makes herself out to be the first successful black woman Americans have ever met?  That’s such an arrogant, self-aggrandizing comment.  We have lived and worked around minorities for fifty years.  She’s clueless.   Condi Rice was our first black Secretary of State and is much more graceful, accomplished, and humble than Michelle. And she never had to talk about her race.

What did Michelle do as first lady?  She planted a vegetable garden on White House grounds!  Wow!  My mother had been doing that every year of her married life.  She changed the menu at schools to be healthier but the children threw out her meals and skipped lunch. Great job. She also made a hatchtag saying “return our girls” that were kidnapped in their own country.  It didn’t help.  She also was the cover of many fashion magazines which was surprising as she has no modeling qualities.  She had big shoulders (which the press seemed impressed with) and little fashion sense.

Did she write about her husband’s former drug use in high school or their associations with radical former terrorists?  Did she write about her pregnancies or raising babies?  Never hear that story.  Are those daughters from Barack?

Saying that America chose a misogynist for President over the most qualified woman in the world, is an outright lie.  Trump is not a misogynist and Hillary is the most corrupt candidate (male or female) that ever ran for president.   Wasn’t much of a choice for me as I can’t vote for corruption.  Trump’s cabinet is filled with women and we haven’t heard one story about sex in the oval office or sexual harassment at all.  If there was, we’d be sure to hear it as the press does not cover for him.

I think the real title of her fiction book should be Jealous and Mad. With a subtitle of: I’m Thinking of a Run for President in 2020 and Want to Test the Waters. She knows she can beat Hillary as the press already reveres her.  But reality is: Her and her husband are so jealous and mad that Trump has turned back their liberal legacy (that they forced down our throats) they are out for a redo.  Put her in the White House and they can redo all the hurt they put on our country from running up the deficit, Solyndra, to raising our taxes, to Obamacare, to multiple terror attacks, to growing the government, stand down orders to our military, Benghazi, to stiff regulations on companies, to high unemployment, social justices, and no manufacturing jobs etc. etc. The list is too long.

She also says that Trump was unqualified to run for president.  But he ran a successful construction business for years and knows how to make money.  Our country is in dire need of making money.  So far his inexperience is turning out better than any previous presidents.  He has good instincts and traditional values which our country needed to get back.  “Merry Christmas Michelle!”

The fact that her and her husband are trying to take credit for Trump’s economy and giving him no credit is rich.  Under Obama we had high unemployment and food stamps, no good jobs, and people had given up looking.  How do you think Uber began?  It was the unemployed folks driving their own cars and headed by an Obama crony. Now we have 7 million jobs available and are looking for qualified candidates to fill them.  If you want a job, you can find one. Obama used to say, “This economy is the new normal.  We won’t be getting back these jobs.  You can’t wave a wand and get them back.”  He can’t take those comments back.  We have him on record.

Traditionally former presidents and first ladies are not supposed to give their opinions on their predecessors but, of course, with the double standard, the Clintons and Obamas do it.  Even Joe Biden, which is a joke.  What did he ever do as VP aside from being a yesman?  The Obamas have no class nor do the Clintons.  You never trash a sitting president.  It is unpatriotic. The Bushes never did that to the Obamas and they had a whole lot of complaints. Other countries will read her novel and believe what she is saying about our president.  It is a national disgrace. But the Democrats will stop at nothing to regain power even at the cost of our country.

I’m sure she’ll sell a lot of books and get lots of interviews and go on Oprah’s pick of the month list but at what price?  The shame of our nation, like what they did to Kavanaugh.

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