The Shrieker of the House-Nancy Pelosi

Nancy had the gall to say The Wall is immoral and doesn’t represent who we are yet Trump won on promising to build the wall.   Here’s what’s immoral:

  1. Democrats voting to send 35 billion dollars to other countries for abortions yet turning down 5 billion for border security.
  2. More murders on our soil by illegal aliens than ISIS.
  3. Sanctuary cities in California.
  4. Democrats voting to impeach our president.
  5. Democrats being above the law yet holding Republicans to a higher standard.
  6. Mueller Russian collusion probe.
  7. The Insurance Plan by Strzok.
  8. New congresswomen being allowed to use the “f” word on camera with no consequences!
  9. The Shrieker claiming Trump uses worse language.
  10. Democrats wanting to abolish ICE.
  11. The condition of San Francisco with homeless sleeping and defecating on public streets.
  12. Brainwashing our youth with the climate change hoax.
  13. Parents changing the gender of their children.
  14. Paid protesters.
  15. Violent protesters.
  16. Democrats voting for a corrupt candidate for president.

Nancy can shriek nonsense all she wants but the aforementioned is immoral and she’s behind most of it.  San Francisco, my birth city, is a joke now.  California, is taxing people out of their homes for climate change and homelessness. Yet firestorms continue as you can’t throw money at a firestorm.  You need border control, land management, and removal of homeless people from the streets and rural areas.  She’s part of the problem.

Nancy, when you remove the fences around your Pacific Heights’ property, the locks on your doors, and your security guards with guns, then we’ll listen to you. Right now you’re just shrieking dribble. And you’re not more powerful or shrewd than Trump.  Get over yourself.

door handle key keyhole
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