The Golden Globe Awards Show: All About Women.

people rallying on street
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As a woman who worked in the 70s, I paved my own way up the ladder in an all male dominated field with no help from a boss.  We had morals and good upbringing.  Never once considered taking a job or advancing at the job by being submissive to any man.  But this metoo and time’s up movement is getting nauseating. I’m sick of the women who have to shout it out at an awards show or on the streets.  Maybe if they hadn’t allowed this behavior to begin with, we wouldn’t all be here. But now that they have suddenly come to some moral high ground, we have to listen to it ad nauseam.

I don’t need to be lectured by movie stars wagging their finger at us. And neither do the male population.  I don’t need to watch a movie that hires 50 percent women. That is stupid.  You hire based on the story line not to fill some stupid quota.  I’d like to see a war movie with 50 percent women in it.  Get over yourselves. You sound ridiculous. And I don’t need some guy telling us to “resist” at the voting polls. We already did. We resisted Obama’s policies and Hillary’s corruption.  We voted and got who we wanted.  Just because it doesn’t fit with your liberal agenda doesn’t mean it’s not legit.

This women thing is annoying and is getting on people’s nerves. The women I know made it on their own and didn’t have to brag about it or say, “Women in music aren’t taken seriously” like Lady Gaga said last night.  Does she actually think she is the first woman to win an award?  What about Barbra Streisand, Judy Garland, Liza Minnelli, and Bette Midler? They were taken seriously, Gaga, as well as too many to others name.

Lady Gaga and her ilk are just full of themselves during this pseudo women’s movement.  Women made it long ago and don’t need the help of you and Taylor Swift, especially when it comes to politics.  You all need to “shut up and act or sing.”  Leave your soap box at home, please!

If I was a male actor, I wouldn’t even attend these awards shows any longer.  Women want it all to themselves, they can have it.  The disrespect they are showing to men in general is disgusting and needs to stop.  Male Lives Matter!

And the movie Vice is such a crock of nonsense showing George Bush as a hick-talking hillbilly that gave all the decision-making over the Cheney.  I thought the left loved the Bush’s now since Bush senior passed.  I guess not.  They will never stop at their cruel, Republican-bashing movie scripts.

Why not make a movie about how the FBI corroborated and conspired to take down Trump with the help of Hillary and Obama?  That’ll be the day.  I won’t hold my breath.


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