“Never Let A Crisis Go To Waste,” was the Obama Mantra.

white and black chessboard with pieces
Photo by rawpixel.com on Pexels.com

The border crisis has become symbolic on whether Trump will win in 2020. Therefore, if the left gives in, they will lose the next election, they believe. The left cares more about taking back their power than security of our nation.  That is clear. They say words like: vanity project, manhood, manufactured crisis, temper tantrum, unbecoming, immoral, and malice.  They clearly are treating Trump like an illegitimate president because he didn’t win the popular vote or that he conspired with Russia.  Hog wash!  But they know he won fair and square.

The left is trying to dismiss the fact that it is a crisis in order to make Trump look like he’s lying, fabricating, or just crazy.  And the  fake news media is helping that narrative by repeating the same mantra “Manufactured crisis ” ad nauseam. But we know better. We saw the caravans coming to the border over Thanksgiving, instigated and heavily funded by the left in order to cause chaos at the border before the election.  Now they want to pretend that caravans never showed up as they are making them look bad.  They can’t have it both ways.  They either came and tried to invade and throw rocks or they didn’t come and cause chaos.  And they are still there. I will have to believe my own eyes from the footage.  They came and more are coming and sneaking through unwalled areas.

Schumer and Nancy or Schancy will not budge.  They have a new House of Representatives, that aren’t representative, that have been taken over by the far left loonies  How they won their elections, I do not know.  One member has a foul mouth like a drunken sailor and another is as dumb as a rock.  How dumb does one have to be to vote for the likes of them and the current governor of California?  What loony tunes these characters are.  Gavin will certainly destroy California which is already suffering from Brown’s sanctuary state declaration. It’s ironic that the worst fire in California history occurred the day after his announcement. It was the perfect firestorm with humidity, winds, and high temps.

Now Schancy’s rebuttal to the President’s Oval Office address was demented. They stood like statues, unblinking, motionless, and wearing cadaver makeup. It was embarrassing for them. One compared them to the pitchfork painting.  They definitely had the pitchforks out for Trump, figuratively.

The left are being hypocrites as they have voted for wall barriers in the past but they won’t admit it. All of them have from Hillary to Obama, to Shcumer and Nancy.  They are all lying now.  It’s not about the cost.  It never was.  It’s about them using the wall as a political symbol of the 2020 election.  We don’t want it to be political but they have decided to make it this way.  How will it turn out?  Will the border be declared a national emergency?  Or at stalemate?  Who will move into check?



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