It Is Now Clear That Comey Put “Personal Interest” Above Our Country.

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Since the NYT wrote that the FBI started a probe into Trump being an agent for Russia right after he took office, it is clear that Comey had a personal vendetta to get Trump out of office.  His personal interest was what he said to congress once under oath, “I put my family above everything else.”  Freudian slip in my opinion.  It said a lot. Even above the country it appears. Here’s why:

His wife was a Democratic activist that worked for Hillary’s campaign as well as his three daughters. Probably part of the women’s movement that went marching the day after Trump’s inaugural. They wanted the first woman president and daddy was going to do everything possible to bring that about. Even break the law.

So first of all, he exonerated Hillary with some phony speech he gave to the press.  Then he cherry picked through Trump’s rallies and decided that he was talking to Russia when Trump made a funny joke.  This rally was right after Wikileaks exposed emails showing the DNC was favoring Hillary over Sanders also that they didn’t think much of Hillary either.  So Trump started out his joke with, “You gotta love wikileaks.”  Something to that effect.  The crowd roared.  Keep in mind this joke was long after her 33,000 emails went missing and her hard drive “wiped with a cloth.”  So Trump says, “Hey Russia, if you have her emails, turn them over to a reporter and make some reporter really happy.”  Something like that.  He never said “hack her emails.”  That would have been stupid as her whole system was already shut down. He knew her server was open to foreign invaders before it was wiped clean and if one of them already had hacked her emails like China or some dude in his mother’s basement, turn them over.  Was all he was saying as a joke.

So Comey decides this was working with Russia?  That’s ludicrous. Either Comey has a low IQ or has no sense of humor or both.  But he had something more sinister in mind: Let’s use Trump’s mocking as an excuse to fulfill my girls’ dream–Hillary.

So he starts an unwarranted probe on Trump being a Russian Agent.  And his cohorts went along with it like Strzok, Page, Ohr, McCabe et al.  None of them have any integrity or they would have spoken out and said Comey went rogue.  He was basically accusing Trump of treason.  That’s a serious accusation and should have never been started.

I can only hope the truth comes out and Comey and his cohorts gets their comeuppance.




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