We Are Living in a Willfully Ignorant Society.

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Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Everywhere I go I hear people talking about shutting off “the News” as it is crazy.  I guess it depends on what news channel or paper you are getting it from. But that notwithstanding, they are tuning out, especially young folks, but old folks too.

Of course, if they have to endure the likes of MSNBC, CNN, and NBC they will get inundated with the buzz word of the day: vanity project, manufactured crisis, Stormy Daniels, unhinged, impeach, sh-thole, Metoo, collusion, obstruction, unfit, racist, and many more. The commentators will go with the one word and saturate the air waves with it.  Today it will be about government shutdown whoas but they will bury the good news of the day.

They are interviewing parents who for some reason can’t sign their children up for college or bring them to soccer because of the shutdown. These parents are clueless. Schools aren’t shut down. If you can’t do one payday without a paycheck then you aren’t planning for the future and maybe it’s a wakeup call for you to save money for a rainy day.  Government employees are typically overpaid for what they do anyway, and maybe it’s a good time to cut back or trim the fat. Government employees should think of it as a two week paid vacation rather than complaining. The lame stream media picks and chooses what they will show their viewers and usually they will put their own spin on it.  This isn’t news, it’s opinion.

I worry that when people get fed up with the repetitive nature of what they are hearing or reading, they’ll just choose to shut it off.  Then when voters go to the polling booth, they are willfully ignorant to whom they are voting for or against.  Hear no evil, see no evil, but burying your head in the sand.

Even FOX news is repetitive but they never bury the good news.  They understand that building the border wall will save time and money for the border control agents and eventually pay for itself with less illegals coming into our country and going on welfare.  It’s a no brainer as they won’t have to be running from one end of the country to the other with drones and trucks arresting foreigners entering at an illegal spot.  One must go through points of entry.  A beautiful wall with cameras is the way to go.  PERIOD.


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