Freedom of Speech, Press, Assembly, and Religion Have Been Hijacked by the Left

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Apparently citizens are only allowed freedoms if they agree with the politics of the liberal celebrities, politicians, and media.  For instance:  If you assemble for ProLife you deserve to be “punched in the face.”  If you wear a political hat for the opposite party you deserve to be “burned in your school and your parents too.”

This double standard that the left has needs to stop.  This rush to judgment to condemn every conservative as racist if they wear a MAGA hat is hateful and cruel.  The media will jump to conclusions of their own and spew hateful commentary too.

This weekend’s attack on all American boys from a Catholic school was an example of what we are living in.  Mob Rule exists and has to stop.   These boys will have their reputation ruined as it is all over social media.  Their parents should sue for slander if that even exists any longer.  The left is getting away with lies, smears, jeers, and violence and are not held accountable.  Someone has to hold these clowns accountable!  They spew out vile insults on social media; then when they hear the true story, they make a lame apology.  Over and over this is happening. This could be the result of social media but it’s also the product of poor upbringing, hateful minds, and brainwashing of our youth in school.

Not everyone on social media spews hate. Although many do.  They should put a filter on what they are thinking before posting.  Maybe put their phone down for a month and see if some of their hate goes away.  Hate begets hate.

There’s nothing wrong with wearing a political hat for your candidate.  Hillary voters wore “I’m with Her” stickers and bumper stickers.  No one called them racist.  We have had slogans since the beginning of candidates running for office.  To suddenly condemn Trump’s slogan as racist is insane.  Many candidates before him made the same promise. There’s nothing wrong with making our country great again.  It was falling into an abyss with no jobs, high unemployment, and ISIS attacks under Obama.

Just because the left repeats the narrative that conservatives are deplorable, dregs of society, racist, smelly Walmart shopper, KKK members, toothless, and alcoholics doesn’t make it true.  Conservatives are none of those sick names. And the politicians, commentators, and celebrities that spew these lies need to look at themselves in the mirror.  They are projecting what they are onto us.

The lame stream media so hypocritical.  The woman’s march was endorsed by antisemites and they didn’t condemn that.  If Trump supporters held a rally like that, it would be all over the news.  “Trump’s supporters are anti-semites!” But, of course, the media was silent on the feminists holding this rally and turned their attention on some all-American boy smiling at a protest that he had nothing to do with.  Maybe turn the camera on the folks that were shouting vile anti-gay remarks at the boys instead of on the boys who did nothing.  Typical left media always taking the wrong side.

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