A. Ocasio-Cortez Missed Her True Calling

photo of bartender pouring draught beer
Photo by Anna Kapustina on Pexels.com

The new darling of the left, “the bartender,” missed her true calling. Instead of running for congress she should have applied for a bartender job on the Vanderpump Rules reality show.  That’s what she’s qualified for.  She talks stupid, is into the women’s movement, loves to be on camera, loves social media, loves confronting people, loves being interviewed, and knows how to pour drinks.  Perfect for that show.  

Lisa Vanderpump, give her a call.  She’ll make more money and you’ll be doing the country a favor.  You love rescuing animals why not rescue us from her presence in congress?  We’re sick of seeing her face and hearing her childish, ignorant comments like “the world will come to an end in twelve years due to climate change. This is our world war II.”  Maybe she’s Jehovah Witness and we haven’t found that out about her yet.

Her fifteen minutes of fame is soon to expire as she makes too many gaffes.  Soon to replace Biden as the Gaffe Master.  I’ve never heard so many ignorant comments come out of a congresswoman except for Maxine Waters.  She obviously went to the school of Al Gore’s Inconvenient Truth and bought it hook, line, and sinker.  She knows nothing about economics, world history, or the constitution yet this is what her current job entails.  She is lowering the bar for all the other members of congress. She makes women look bad.  She’s no better than Christine Ford which puts her in the category of feminists who hate Trump like Joy Baher, Kathy Griffin, and Alissa Milano. Three uninformed has-beens.

For those willfully ignorant followers of hers, they need to grow up.  Get your facts from somewhere other than late night comedy shows, Facebook, and The View.


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