Health Insurance is NOT a Right! Let’s Stop Socialism Before It’s Too Late!

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Health insurance is like any other insurance.  You should buy it in case you fall ill or get hurt.  Just like auto insurance, homeowner’s insurance, and renter’s insurance.  Without it, you will pay for your loss. But if you find yourself being afflicted with a disease of some kind, you can purchase a plan and the insurance company can’t turn you down for a preexisting condition like they did in the past.  We never had that before, so STOP complaining!

Imagine if one could buy auto insurance after an accident or homeowners after a fire.  Ain’t gonna happen.  So folks, these millennials who want it all, and all for free, should be happy with what we have right now.  Once we get Obamacare repealed, we can work on lowering the premiums too.

I’ve had health insurance since I moved out on my own at nineteen.  It was an incentive to get a job that offered a health plan.  Kids these days stay on their parents’ plan until age 26 (thanks to Obama) which is only adding to a society of lazy youth. Why get a job if my parents are paying for me?  This age 26 should never have passed.  When my kids went to college we bought them a reasonable private plan offered by the college.  This is what is done and should be continued.

When the radical left promise free health insurance for all, it’s an insane plan that will bankrupt the country.  The government can’t afford to pay for everyone’s health insurance! They aren’t even paying for Medicare–that comes right out off the top of our Social Security benefits which we already paid into.  So basically we are paying for Medicare.  It’s a clever deception; a misnomer.

When Sanders, “the bartender”, and the likes say tax the rich and give everyone free health insurance, they are basically saying we want to turn our country socialist like Venezuela.  Venezuela is crumbling.  People are in the streets protesting as socialism doesn’t work.  It’s been tried and failed.

We need to stick with what is working.  Trump’s plan to make America great is working. Give him the time to finish, Nancy. Let him do what he’s good at.  Being a businessman. The country is a business and has been run poorly for many years.  Time for a change, and we don’t want the radical left like Joy Bahar to stop what he has started.  Waiting for Trump to resign or be impeached is not a platform to run on.

Note to Nancy:  Let Trump give us the State of the Union address.  You’re not the president.   What are you afraid of?  That things are going so good, the Democrats will look bad?  That’s a rhetorical question.  You don’t want to look bad sitting behind Trump, the man who brought the economy back to the best job market in fifty years.  You can’t argue that missy.  Just sit on your hands, suck on your breath mint,  and don’t clap like you did last year.  That’s what we expect from you. Nothing more and nothing less. You aren’t the president but you’re the leader of the party of “NO.” 

Maybe if we hold up the paychecks to congress, the votes of “the bartender” will change.  After all, she can’t afford the rent in D.C.  Wait until she has no paycheck to pay her rent.  Then they’ll pass a budget that will be suitable for all.

Nevada had a serial killer on the loose and was finally apprehended.  The main stream media or the left politicians aren’t pointing out that he is a Mexican illegal that killed four seniors for money.  He shot them to death.  Defenseless seniors living in fear of a serial killer who enters their home during the night.  No walls around these poor people’s homes like you have Nancy.  They were shot and robbed by another illegal but finally caught by ICE.   Sanctuary cities don’t work either.

If the wall was built, we could avoid future deaths of Americans which are surely to occur and increase in numbers as the caravans continue to invade.  Wake up America!  Make congress approve the funding of our wall.  It will pay for itself in the long run and save lives. And stop radical socialism!


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