Kamala Harris and Lizzie Warren Are All About Giving Out Freebies.


woman in brown coat carrying two white tote bags
Photo by bruce mars on Pexels.com

We can just about write off these two women as being the Democratic candidate for president in 2020.  They are running so far to the left that Trump will have no problem taking them out.  We are not a socialist country nor do we want to be. Here’s what they are running on:  Free college for all, free healthcare for all, free preschool for all, tax the rich (which is code for taxing all levels of income) and Open Borders for all.  These women will bankrupt our country and increase crime if these policies ever came into fruition.

There’s an ugly rumor going around spread by Democrats that we are heading into another recession.  This is their way of scaring the folks into voting Democrat and tightening their belts before the next election.  Don’t listen to them.  All the economists say our economy is the best in fifty years evidenced by the lowest unemployment in that time period.  For these rumor mongers to spread lies like this is reprehensible.

The left is doing high fives after Trump decided to end the shutdown for three weeks to negotiate.  Trump is putting country over politics which the left never does.  The left is all about politics 24/7.  They don’t care about the people or our country; only regaining power.  Let’s see is Nancy puts her money where her mouth is. She said she wanted to postpone the State of the Union Address until the shutdown is over, yet all I hear from her now is crickets.  Crickets. Crickets. Crickets.

The left shouldn’t be celebrating a win after Trump ended the shutdown.  As a businessman, he knew if it went on any longer the airlines, right before the super bowl, would experience major problems as some employees were unable to make it to work due do financial issues.  Trump took the high road in order to avoid an airline crisis.  Trump has good insight.  Well done, president.  That’s why we voted for you.

One other fellow thinks he can beat Trump–former CEO of Starbucks.  A big lib that has always used his company to make subtle liberal statements. His coffee franchise is similar to MacDonalds.  Get the youth hooked on your sugar-flavored coffees (secret sauce) and then take over the world.

I, for one, never go to Starbucks.  Any shop that has weird names for the size of the coffee cups and long lines to get it, I don’t want any part of.  Small, medium, and large is what I go by.  His renaming that was stupid in my opinion. We don’t need a guy like that running our country.  I can make a pot of coffee at home and save hundreds of dollars a year which I do every morning.

Beware, going to Starbucks several times a day may be hazardous to your health. It probably was the cause of one women’s cancer of the bladder, but we’ll never know now. Anything in excess will cause cancer at some point in one’s life; but coffee is an addiction and Starbucks should put a warning label on their cups rather than your first name. Mr. CEO of Starbucks, get in line for the presidency, after all, you love long lines. By the way, what’s your first name?


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