Why the Presidential “Glass Ceiling” Will Have to Wait, Ladies.

architecture building business ceiling
Photo by Juhasz Imre on Pexels.com

We all know the feminists are waiting to break the proverbial glass ceiling at the White House for a female president.  That’s why they voted for Hillary despite all her flaws and corruption. But here’s why they’re reaching too high:  We haven’t even successfully gotten a female VICE president yet!

We’ve tried with Sarah Palin and Elizabeth Dole (1976), albeit both Republicans, and failed. Once you break that lower glass ceiling, the top ticket will be easier to attain.

The Democrats are putting out one “tough” woman up after another in hopes of beating Trump.  The Democrats version of a successful woman is that she looks and talks “tough.” That is a losing ticket. Why not just come up with a ticket with a woman as VP first?  That would be the most successful chance of beating Trump.  I hate to give the Democrats any tips, but from what I’ve seen with one socialist after another coming out against our president, it looks futile for them.  They are running on abolishing ICE, calling ICE the KKK, free college, and Medicare for all.  These aren’t sensible, knowledgeable comments.

We pay for Medicare out of our pocket through Social Security.  Comes right off the top of our check.  These women aren’t old enough to realize it. So Medicare for all doesn’t even make sense as there’s no way to pay for it.  It will bankrupt our country in short order if relying on tax payers.  They are lying to the people. These females surprise me with all their collective degrees that they can’t do eighth grade mathematics.

Running on “free college for all” as well as preK is a piss poor plan.  Anything for free is not worth it.  Imagine going to a free four-year college and going up against another candidate for a job that paid $90,000 for the same degree.  Is that fair?  Certainly not. And what about parents who saved for years to pay their children’s education, will they get reimbursed?  I think not.  They just bought a degree that has been cheapened by laws passed by libs in order to garner votes from a future generation that has no clue on how to save, spend, or budget.  They want it all, and want it all now, and for free.  The day of the lay away plan at Sears or Penneys is long gone.  If you ask a millennial what “lay away” means, they’ll probably say a basketball move.

athletes ball basketball court
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

We are all surprised by the interviews of college students when asked simple questions like who is our vice president or when was the Declaration of Independence signed?  They hum and haw and usually get it wrong, yet this is the demographic that the Democrats are trying to appeal to.  Get the young people’s vote, they don’t know anything.  Sort of like the Life Cereal commercial, “Let’s let Mikey try it, he hates everything.” This strategy is evidenced by the last election when they voted for Hillary.

So although the glass ceiling is taking so long to break, it will be a few more years, ladies. And, hopefully, it will be by a Republican women such as Nikki Haley or even Condi Rice. But, of course, the left will tear them apart even though they are women of character with no baggage. 

several bags on trolley near train in station
Photo by veerasak Piyawatanakul on Pexels.com

The left has a war on Republican women and would never allow one to be president.  I can hear Joy Behar now, “She’s a moron! We can’t let her win! I will leave the country if she wins!”  They say they are  for all women, until one says that she’s a Republican.

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