Maybe We’re Reading the FBI Predawn Raid All Wrong.

police army commando special task force
Photo by Somchai Kongkamsri on

Everyone is so outraged by the excessive force of the FBI on Roger Stone that the outrage was almost to be expected.  Expected so much that maybe it was done purposely by Mueller.  For what reason?  Maybe Mueller wants to be fired by the AG for abuse of power so he can leave the investigation as a hero among leftists like Comey did.  Fired before his investigation is complete? The lame stream media would have a conniption and the blame would be put on Trump as usual.  Maybe it’s Mueller’s only way out.  He’s trying to save face as he has nothing on Trump and is afraid to let his adoring fans down.

This could be the only reason for such excessive conduct and unequal enforcement of the law.  He knew the media would be shocked by 29 FBI Agents with guns deployed–like in a movie scene–knocking on a white-collar suspect’s door treating him like the Unabomber. Mueller wanted the outrage.  He couldn’t be asking to be fired more if he sent the AG a letter requesting it.

Former and current FBI employees are outraged, if not embarrassed.  Mueller had to know this would have been the reaction to what he orchestrated, yet he did it anyway. You have to think of Mueller’s motive.  The media says it’s intimidation.  “He’s trying to scare Stone into singing like a canary.”   I disagree.  It’s desperately seeking to be fired.  



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