The Democrats are “Throwing the Baby Out With the Bathwater.”


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In other words:  By trying to get rid of Trump, they just washed their chances down the drain too by pulling out all the stops on abortion.

Now they condone babies being aborted at birth in order to prove some lame point that Republicans want to abolish Roe vs Wade or that Republicans want to control women’s bodies. They are using this scare tactic as a last resort because everything else they’ve thrown at Trump hasn’t stuck. Hillary tried this tactic in her last debate against Trump and had voters appalled.

If this is the platform they want to run on, we might as well announce Trump the winner right now. It’s a losing platform.  Their other platform is “no walls” at our border.  Walls are immoral, but murder of a baby isn’t?   We just won hands down with this platform.  Four more years!

“A rose is a rose is a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” Just as a wall is a wall is a wall by any other name would stop intruders.

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The leftists are playing semantics with Republicans; but in the long run, it will backfire on them.  We the people have eyes and see foreigners lined up to enter our country illegally. We aren’t stupid. Build the wall to deter them from coming in at easy locations. It will pay for itself in the long run by not having all of these illegals on welfare.

Nancy is proposing more legal points of entry and roads into our country!  With that thinking, if one’s house was being broken into time after time through the same door, would the logical solution be to add more doors to your house?  Of course, not.  It would be to put a high fence around the perimeter with security cameras.  Nice try, Nance.  We ain’t buying your solution.  Sounds like appeasement to the media not a solution to the mass invasion of our borders which is a crisis.  More entries equals more drugs being smuggled in by trucks.


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