The Media’s Trigger Words of the Week: Billionaire, The Wall, and MAGA Hats.

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Over and over people are triggered by the word billionaire, mainly due to Starbuck’s CEO, Howard Schultz,  planning a run for the presidency as an Independent. But also I hear The Wall being used over and over as some sort of racist dog whistle, which it is not.  And lastly, MAGA Hats being compared by the media to KKK hoods is appalling. One restaurant owner in San Francisco says he won’t serve anyone wearing a MAGA Hat.  How about, I won’t go to a restaurant that has feces on the sidewalk?

The left media needs to check themselves.  They are sounding stupider and more desperate as the weeks go on.  Who’s checking their commentary?  Billionaires used to be looked up to as they start businesses that hire thousands of people.  When did that become a bad thing?  Gates, Zuckerberg, and Bezo are billionaires too.  Are they okay in the Democrat’s eye?  Probably–until they run under an Independent ticket.

Walls have been used all over the world to protect countries and homes from what we are going through right now–intruders. And the sex trafficking and drug smuggling is a real crisis not to be laughed at by the media.  Just because they don’t investigate it, doesn’t make it not real.  Trump has more information on that subject than they do.

The left is trying to take out Trump and Schultz at the same time by labeling them inexperienced billionaires.  They figure the never-Trumpers will associate Schultz with Trump and he’ll be ignored.  What they don’t realize is that they will be taking out one of their own as he is a big lib and always supported liberal causes like open borders.  Dems don’t usually take out their own. But if they threaten to steal votes away from their Democratic candidate, they won’t have it.  He’d actually be the best candidate for them to run on their ticket but he chose not to run on Medicare for all and free college for all as he knows it will bankrupt the country. He’s either smarter than the other candidates or cares more about our country’s future or both.

Schultz is a self-made billionaire and that threatens the left, as they prefer folks who’ve gotten everything they have from the government. The American Dream would be revealed and socialists don’t want that story told.  Remember Obama’s famous line:  “You didn’t build that! The government helped with roads and utilities.”  What a dork.

Democrats prefer lifetime politicians and the people who depend on them for freebies, i.e. socialism. They prefer candidates that have never hired anyone, run anything, or built a company from ground up (Hillary, Obama, Sanders, Biden, Warren).  No life experience in the real world and how it works, like Trump has.  Again, we are BetteroffwithTrump. 


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