Why Are Costumes Suddenly Taboo?

selective focus photography of woman wearing native american headdress
Photo by Kleber Oliveira on Pexels.com

We’ve worn costumes since childhood.  We’ve impersonated Native Americans, Japanese girls, cowboys, Mickey Mouse, cops, Germans, Chinese, Scandinavians, Dracula, Mexicans, Italians, race car drivers, firemen, and celebrities regardless of their race, religion, color, or nationality.

Comedians and actors over the years in film have impersonated blacks, Asians, Indians, Jews, Englishmen and women.  Why are only certain races off-limits?  And since when?  When was the cutoff date?  Did they send out a flier for all to know?  Why are we allowed to put on white wigs when impersonating the British Royals but not an Afro wig when impersonating a black?  Did they pass some law?

They sell Afro wigs and Native American headdresses.  They sell kimonos and sombreroes. Are only humans that are of the same race allowed to purchase them?  Or are we as a society becoming a little bit too sensitive and lost our sense of humor?  Apparently the only costumes we are allowed to dress in are fictitious characters like Batman or werewolf or Frankenstein.

My mother once dressed as a hillbilly with missing teeth and my son a hobo.  Are those insensitive to the poor and homeless?  A cheerleader once wore a multicolored Afro wig to a basketball game and the opposing team claimed the whole school was racist.  It made the newspaper and the school was banned from playing other teams because of one cheerleader who thought he was being funny.  He didn’t paint his face black.  If anything he was being gay.  But the black players on the other team were offended.  This happened 15 years ago so things haven’t gotten better.

Every year masks are made of our presidents for kids to wear.  Are they being disrespectful to the president?  Maybe, but no one cares.  They only care when someone impersonates a black–the protected race.  I thought blacks wanted to be treated equally. If we’re going to be outraged by a costume, at least be equally outraged for all races of people being impersonated. Why is okay to dress up as Brittany Spears but not Whitney Houston?  In my eyes, there’s no difference. Both singers.  Why is it racist to impersonate a black especially if you admire the person you dress up as?  We can dress as Marilyn Monroe and no one says a thing.  When one sees a black guy posing with a KKK member, it’s supposed to be funny.  But that was lost on political correctness. It’s akin to a prisoner posing with a policeman. Opposites attracting.

I think we all need to sit back and take a breath.  Costumes are costumes.  They are not meant to offend.  They are meant to disguise yourself so no one knows who you are.  That is the reason people dress up in costumes.  No other reason.  Every race should be treated the same.  When Michael Jackson tried to be white by bleaching his skin, no one said he was racist against whites.  If anything he wanted to be white. Maybe those impersonating blacks, want to be black.  Who cares? We shouldn’t have to explain ourselves when we dress up in a costume.  Tired of it.  Let people wear costumes without the costume police. I’d never stick up for Joy Behar for any reason but if she dressed as a black celebrity, who cares?  Leave people alone already.  Stop this political correctness in everything we do! Costumes are just costumes.

What I do get outraged by is someone claiming to be a Native American to garner jobs and admission to college over true Native Americans.  That irks me.

asian beautiful blur costume
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

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