Let’s Stop Indulging This Child by Putting Her in the Spotlight

woman performing at stage
Photo by Thanh Chung on Pexels.com

The “bartender” is the result of too much attention as a child turning her into an attention-seeking, egomaniac.  Every time she spoke her parents must have swooned over every word that came out of her mouth whether it was logical or not.  They probably put her in drama class and attended all her plays showering her with praise. They were helicopter parents and stage parents all rolled into one.  And this is the result.

Let’s not indulge her any longer.  Why the Democrats are spotlighting her on stage shows that their party is in distress.  Normally a nut like this would be ignored somewhat the way Bernie was by the Democrats and Obama.  Now suddenly they are embracing socialism.  Stop showing her soap box spiels on air. It just indulges her even more. She is an embarrassment to her party.

Her ideas are pie in the sky pipe dreams.  Not feasible or rational by any stretch of the imagination. A total fantasy.  Would cause mass unemployment and basically the ruin of our country not to mention the world.  Her favorite movie was probably Avatar which depicted humans depleting the Earth’s natural energy resources. Her “green plan” holds as much reality as little green men from Mars invading Earth. Don’t pay attention to the girl behind that curtain.  She’s a phony.

The day I can’t take out my vintage gas using auto for a scenic drive past my local dairy farms with beautiful herds of grazing cattle or drive to the airport to pick up my son who wants to visit with me is the day I don’t want to be around any longer. The day I must have my home dismantled and invaded by the government to meet solar energy laws is the day I don’t want to be around any longer.  The day I see young people sitting around lazy expecting to get paid for not working is a day I don’t want to be around any longer. Nothing worth getting is worth getting for free. The day I can’t choose to make a juicy steak or cheese sandwich or have my daily glass of milk is a day I don’t want to be around any longer.  Everything comes from cows.

agriculture animal animal photography blur
Photo by Matthias Zomer on Pexels.com

This bartender’s ideas may also be the result in her partaking in too many of the product she was pouring for customers.  She has no fresh ideas–all regurgitated lame nonsense from the left put together in one Green New Deal. It’s neither new nor a deal.  It’s just a spiel.  And the only thing green is all the green backs it will cost us to accomplish. Fox News should ignore her.  Stop giving her air time.  She’s a waste of time and energy.

If this is what the Democrats are going to embrace for 2020, we might as well pronounce Trump the winner already.  It’s a slam dunk for him now.

man wearing blue and yellow shorts playing basketball
Photo by Tim Mossholder on Pexels.com


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