During the State of the Union Address, Trump Ate Pelosi’s Lunch


burger and fries
Photo by Engin Akyurt on Pexels.com

Pelosi’s face said it all.  Her crooked smirk, flipping through papers, and doing a seal clap was evidence that she was the most uncomfortable person in the room.  She didn’t know when to clap, stand, or smirk.  She was flabbergasted by Trump’s accomplishments that got standing ovations and either thought he was lying or refused to hear the truth.  Either way she was flummoxed. No wonder she didn’t want him to address the nation in the House forum with her sitting behind.  Awkward!

Her herd of white sheep rose a few times clapping for themselves but for the most part looked like angry, spite-filled, vengeful women that just found out their husbands’ were unfaithful. It was a casting call for a Lifetime movie.  All that was missing was their bloody knives. And the bartender looked like she had gotten into her mother’s makeup drawer.  She looked uneasy too and didn’t know when to clap or stand as she is clueless to Trump’s accomplishments and whether they are true or not.  She wore her resting (arresting) bitch face throughout the speech.

Trump skillfully complimented the women in Congress and the most women working on record which also threw off Nancy.  She didn’t see that compliment coming. They thought Trump was a womanizing, misogynist like they’ve been hearing in the news daily. Little did they know he has a heart and cares about women, minorities, handicap, and veterans.  Trump emphasized the policies that have helped minorities because all he hears in the news is that he is a racist.  He showcased two blacks that he commuted their sentences from prison. That put that lie to rest, much to the left’s chagrin.

He also mentioned that we need a cure for cancer and highlighted a little girl that is recovering from brain cancer.  No one could disagree with that.  In fact, the audience was having a hard time disagreeing with any of his accomplishments except when he mentioned the left’s useless investigations, a need for border wall, and drugs coming across the border.  He didn’t address climate change but, alas, he knows the truth about that.  So there is always something for the left to complain about despite Nancy looking so discombobulated as well as Kamala, Phonyhontas, and Bernie.  Bernie looked like he was about to explode when he heard the job statistics and Gillibrand was rolling her eyes and huffing like she wouldn’t ever be able to top Trump’s accomplishments–ever.  Remember she wants to abolish ICE.  She will eat those words. Spartacus looked angry like he was ready to attack Trump.

But the main gist of his speech was the great economy and jobs and how they are back.  And that the U.S. is leader in energy production which probably made the bartender mess her pants. She wants to end all that.  All in all a good speech that got 70% approval from the public. My favorite line of the night was “We will never be a socialist country!” I could see the backs going up on Bernie, Kamala, and especially “the bartender.”

So after all the media was boasting all week on how Pelosi played Trump during the shutdown of the government, it all turned around in Trump’s favor.  Which it should have.  Trump did eat her lunch and then some, as they say in grammar school.

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