Most of My Friends Are Democrat.

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As a native Californian, I’ve met mostly Democrats over the years and formed lasting relationships with them.  I voted Democrat before I voted Republican.  That sounded like John Kerry.  I had all the traits of a Democrat:  Scandinavian, born in San Francisco, worked for all the governments from city to state to county to federal in between a public utility even the Golden Gate Bridge District. Was a volunteer for years. Lived in Southern California, San Diego, but mostly Northern Cali. Even married a Jewish fellow. Never owned a gun. Planted over eighty trees in my life.  Love the outdoors and all the national parks. These are the so-called Democratic traits.

BUT when I saw Bill and Hillary do that interview to save his campaign for president on national television, I changed parties and never looked back.  For her to sit there and say she wasn’t a stand by your man kinda gal and then stood by her man sounded so phony; plus, I believed Jennifer Flowers over both of them.  I believed the woman.

One of my siblings is Democrat and all that that entails: Arguments over holiday dinners, months without speaking, and resentment whenever their side loses.  I never approved of Obama as I didn’t like his associations with Reverend Wright and that terrorist couple.  That was enough for me.  And when he became president, I remained quiet for eight years but had endured eight years of Bush-bashing from my friends and family.

It’s tough having Democratic friends as I can’t talk about current events as I may offend. I recently went to lunch with one of them and when I brought up the wall being approved, she froze, made a face like Kamala, then changed the subject.  They always act like they are superior to us. I always say to myself, I need to find new friends.  It’s a common phrase around my house.

My sons have been brainwashed in college that Republicans are evil and often say that they met someone they think I’d like as they might be Republican.  I say, “Republican isn’t a disease.  There are lots of us out there.”  For some reason, they think I’m the only one. But we don’t talk politics either even though they said they voted for Trump.  Not so sure about that as their girlfriends are liberal.  (The women tend to tell their men how to vote.) Just the opposite of what Barbra Streisand said.

I was in an antique store and a man was arguing with a senior lady about Trump.  It was the day of Trump’s State of the Union Address. He was telling her lies about Trump, saying he wants to privatize the V.A. and that he only cares about Wall Street and making money for himself.  I pretended to be looking at an item but when I heard the lady say she’s a Trump girl, I said to myself “I’m in.”  So I walked by and said “Drain the Swamp,”  which irked the man. He turned around and started in on me.  I told him Trump is just fulfilling his promises made during the campaign, and never once said he was going to privatize the VA. I walked away after that as I could see this guy was fed all kinds of lies and ate them hook, line, and sinker.

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Plus he looked so angry.  No telling about these libs.  They are impossible to reason with.

The lady waited in her car and when I left the store, we had a long talk about how misinformed the Democrats are.  We had a lot in common but, alas, I was just visiting but would have been her best friend.  She said she deals with likes of these people all the time.  They want to argue and spread lies.  I told her I stay away from Democratic strangers as much as I can and will only make friends with Republicans from now on.  Life is too short to waste time on Democrats any more (or as they call themselves to be cool, Progressives).


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